CAD Plugin Activation Guide

CAD Plugin Activation Guide

After purchasing the license for any 3D CAD Plugin you will receive Email which contains License Key. Please copy that License key and follow the following steps for activation. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet.

Steps to Activate the license:

  1. Open the “About Us” dialog box by clicking the “About” button from the plugin panel.
    Note:- This menu may be located in a different place for some of the plugins.
  2. The dialog box contains the text box. In this text box, you have to paste the copied Licence key, received after the purchase as indicated below.
  3. Now click on I accept License Agreement and Terms checkbox and then click on the Activate button.
  4. The dialog will pop up with the success message of Activation.

License FAQs:

What are the license type and terms?

The license is subscription based, single machine-locked license or floating license. If the machine is formatted for any reason, the license will have to be reactivated (not repurchased). You can reactivate it by using the same key provided at the time of purchase and repeating the same steps used for the first-time activation.

Can I shift my license to other machines?

Single machine locked license :

  • The single machine-locked licenses are only activated for one and only one hardware
  • You won’t be able to transfer this license to any other machine regardless of the reason (machine crash, hardware fault, etc.)
  • You will have to purchase a new license if you want to run this plugin on any other machine


Floating License :

The floating license has the facility to change the machine.

What about future updates of plugins or our CAD software? Are they included? Do we need to buy again, if the plugin is updated or there is a new version?

  • The subscription-based license is valid for one year
  • Our plugins are updated when new features are incorporated or fixes are done
  • Updates are free for the 1st year of your purchase
  • You can download the latest version from and use the same key to get it working
  • Please contact us at if you face any problem


How will I receive the license?

  • Your product activation key will be sent via email as soon as you complete the payment process
  • You may sometimes not get the invoice or license activation key immediately after your payment. There can be many reasons for it – some of them are as below:
  1. The transaction is still in process between various payment gateways
  2. Even though you might have got a confirmation of payment processed, we might not have received the payment
  3. The email might have been blocked by your spam server. Also, please note that the invoice and license email will be sent to the email id associated with your PayPal/payment gateway
  4. Delays or technical issues with payment notification or email servers


I have received the license key, how can I activate it now?

  • ProtoTech plugin/product license activation requires the Internet connection
  • The Internet connection is required only once for activation
  • Plugin licensing mechanism need to access “” during online license activation
  • The Internet connection and rights to access the above link should be allowed to Host CAD application. Because our plugin runs in host CAD application and inherits all the access rights from a host CAD application
  • We recommend running a CAD application with ‘Administrator’ rights during license activation
  • You can test this by opening following link in any browser
  • If this link is not accessible due to non-availability of internet connection or some restriction by firewall rules, then manual license activation will be required.
  • Manual license activation charges will be extra 30 USD. (i.e. Actual Plugin Cost + 30 USD )


Do you have automation licenses of CAD plugins?

  • Yes, we do have automation licenses. You can refer to the “Automation License” tab for more details
  • Here we export file directly from your program itself
  • Multiple exports can be done in one go
  • The cost of this license is the Actual Plugin Cost + 50 USD
  • If interested please contact us at


What about warranty and technical support?

All licenses and invoice emails are sent automatically. Please check your Spam/Bulk email folders. In case of any issue or email not received please contact “”. We will manually resend license and Invoice emails within one working day.

While we will try to provide technical support, there are no committed warranties and support. We recommend that you evaluate our product to your satisfaction based on the 7-Days free trial provided before making the purchase.

Author: Ajinkya J
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