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OBJ Exporter for Revit

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OBJ Exporter For Revit Features

Other Features

  • Rebar Entity Supported
  • Option to control the file size and quality by specifying the precision value.

How It Works

General Usage Instructions:

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Run Revit application
  3. Open the ‘Add ins’ tab and find the ‘ProtoTech OBJ’ section.

Click on the ‘About Us’ button that contains licensing information. License Activation can be done from this panel

Demo Video

What our Customer's Say

KplusC Arkitektur & Design

“Prototech Solutions offers a high-quality product called ‘OBJ Exporter for Revit,’ which we use in all of our products.
Their customer service is fantastic, providing timely assistance. Outstanding customer service!”

– Tommy Kiørboe-Cao, Building designer, KplusC Arkitektur & Design

Emile du Toit, Student at Tshwane University of Technology

“ProtoTech’s OBJ Exporter For Revit offers powerful set of features(export textures, adjustable mesh quality).  It went well, with no problems at my end. It is really straightforward to install and use!”

–  Emile du Toit, Student at Tshwane University of Technology

Lasse Justesen, Engineer, Buildings indoor environment and energy

“It fantastic!!
ProtoTech’s OBJ Exporter For Revit was unbelievably helpful in getting the selected OBJ models .I found it very easy to use, and quick too. I can recommend it.
It also helps in exporting of textures. Thank you very much for your support.”

Lasse Justesen, Engineer, Buildings indoor environment and energy


For any queries, drop us e-mail at support@prototechsolutions.com

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