To be the world’s leading Technology Partners and help companies build Impacting Solutions!


To deliver the most innovative and reliable 3D technology solutions, creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, and ecosystem partners.


Since our inception, we have believed in aligning our thoughts, principles, and ideas with changing times, but our core values and guiding principles have been the same to ensure high standards of work and commitment to our customers. 

We also believe our core values should be simple, yet setting high standards, and be applied by our employees to their work every day!

ProtoTech Solutions is a leading provider of 3D software technology solutions. If you have a product idea which requires 3D technology, we can help you. We can build the product for you which is best in quality and bring it to market quickly. ProtoTech also provides technology solutions for 3D data import/export, 3D visualization and 3D object measurements.Our products are used by customers from over 80 countries in the world. Many of our customers are highly reputed global technology and engineering multinational companies.

We are experts in 3D visualization, data interoperability and application development. We provide consulting and custom software development. We are used as an R&D software development house by world’s leading software companies. We have developed solutions for agricultural, medical, engineering design, civil, architecture, manufacturing and many other industries.

ProtoTech Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2005 and has decades of staff years of software solutions development expertise. We are familiar with almost every software technology component in the 3D technology domain (2D/3D visualization, data exchange, solid modeling, CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D printing etc.). Our 80+ software experts can help you quickly choose a technology and build a product and bring it to market. We are familiar with all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.), mobile apps (iOS, Android etc.), Cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.). We are also partners with companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, Solidworks and many other engineering technology providers and can help you build bespoke solutions around their offerings.

Rapidly advance your ideas with a solution partner you can trust.

So, if you have an idea and need to get to the market quickly, efficiently and affordably – connect with us.


Rajesh Bhartiya

Rajesh Bhartiya has been in the engineering software industry for 20+ years now. During this period he has developed numerous software applications in the field of CAD/CAM and engineering graphics. At IIT, Mumbai, where he completed his Masters in Aerospace, he developed an aircraft cockpit simulator, which fueled his interests in 3D modeling and graphics. After completing his M.Tech he worked as a 3D graphics and geometry programmer at Geometric Software Solutions Limited (GSSL) and with the Parasolid development team in Cambridge, UK. He went to the US in 2001 and joined Tech Soft 3D (TS3D). At TS3D, he not only developed new products but was instrumental in setting up internal processes, which benefited the company’s engineering efficiency.  Read More                                                                                                                                                                 

Shilpa Bhartiya

Hailing from Nagpur in India, Shilpa, after completing her Bachelor’s in Computer Science, began her career in network systems. She later pursued higher education and completed her Masters from California State University, Hayward. She joined Tech Soft 3D as a technical support specialist where she dealt directly with clients to help them get the most from their use of HOOPS technology. She later joined hands with Rajesh to co-found ProtoTech Solutions. With a big smile on her face that infuses enthusiasm in those around her, Shilpa handles Business Development, Products Marketing and Administration at ProtoTech. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her family, indulges in some cooking, keeps herself fit through running and explores the world as she travels.                                                                                                                                    

Rahul Khande

Rahul as a Project Manager extends his expertise in the fields of project planning right from resource allocation to ensure the quality of the deliverables. He brings up experience in leading teams with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a highly skilled professional in C++, Web & Cloud Technology, Computer-aided design, Java and end-to-end mobile application development for iOS and Android. He holds an Engineering Degree in Computers from Savitribai Phule Pune University.Rahul is highly committed to learning and gaining knowledge, and happens to have an edge above expertise with application development. He cherishes challenges and loves to boil down to the core of the problem, in order to develop a prominent solution to it.                                                                         

Pankaj Choudhari

Pankaj is an IT industry veteran with 25+ years of software products experience. He has been involved in Cloud Services development from the days when for most of us the word ‘cloud’ only meant ‘things in the sky which give us rains’! He has experience in single user and multiple user mission-critical products across platforms like Windows 16/32, Linux, Distributed WAN setups and now Cloud-based SAAS with AI/ML capabilities. His software architectures reflect solutions from other fields of engineering such as systems engineering, structural engineering, traffic management, town planning and even law (thanks to his wife, who is an advocate). It reflects his keen interests in various areas or shall we say the MATRIX of LIFE. "It is possible" is his way of life. When not designing software, Pankaj spends time practising meditation and promoting yoga as a part of regular life.

Zeba Inamdar

Zeba is a highly experienced QA professional and has been in the industry for over a decade. She has extensive knowledge of CAD and Game testing. Apart from being an ISTQB certified QA professional, she holds a postgraduate degree in Computer Applications from Pune University. She has helped setup QA ODCs for massively multiplayer gaming companies as well as other CAD/CAM companies. She specializes in setting up QA processes right from Requirement Analysis, Designing Test Plan, Tool Selection, Developing Test Suite, Creating test reports, Functional testing, System Integration testing, Regression testing and reporting defects. She is an excellent communicator and also dons the hat of Customer Relationship Manager. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, calligraphy writing and artwork.                                                                         

Atul Phulsundar

Atul started his professional journey as a software developer with Geometric Limited where he got 8 years of experience working in Application Software Development. Being an explorer by nature he chose to go further in business development. He has 6 years of Entrepreneurial Experience in managing Corporate Events, Media and Advertising, Corporate film making, Website Design and Development, etc. He has led various departments of organizations like HR, Admin & Operations where he got the opportunity to learn Supply Chain Management, Manpower Management, Legal Audits and Sales and Accounting. With more than 15+ years of versatile experience, he understands the importance of creating and maintaining the brand in this continuously changing and challenging Digital World. Being adaptive to agile technologies and businesses, he is here to contribute towards business growth while making a good and healthy work platform for people who are valuable resources of the organization.                                                                         

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