Quality check for CAD CAM project

In today’s engineering world, when your design teams are not only divided by

Development of Browser based 3D viewer and 3D Mobile Device viewer

In today’s engineering world, when your design teams are not only divided by

Forge Converter, Scheduler Service

Wrote short running service (job) to run on cloud

3D Scan Application for iPad

As you charge towards your health goals, Ostensor gives you the power to track the changes in your body

Interoperability Solutions by ProtoTech

To develop an Importer and Exporter for converting the Autodesk


Compare the point cloud to the 3D mesh and build the deviation maps

Helix Revit Addin creator

As the first company to emerge from Google X, HELIXRE is

Game Testing service for Roblox – A Massive Multiplayer Online(MMO) game

Roblox team approached us for regression testing

BMM (Blast Movement Monitor) Explorer : A 3D Viewer for BMT

 ABOUT CLIENT BMT is a world leader in remote sensing [...]

2D Drafting CAD Application

A lightweight 2D drafting application with API and command line

CATIAV5 Exporter for Autodesk® AutoCAD a CAD translation software

 ABOUT CLIENT TransMagic, Inc. develops 3D CAD data exchange, geometry [...]

In a single webpage, sync the Forge Viewer and the Matterport Viewer

BACKGROUND/OVERWIEW: Synchronizing the 3d model and it’s virtual view in [...]

Metaverse Shopping Mall

PROJECT To develop a virtual mall where users can navigate [...]

Application of ProtoTech’s GLTF Exporter for Autodesk Fusion 360 for Drone Configurator

 ABOUT CLIENT TUM ranks among Europe’s most outstanding universities in [...]

iOS 3D Viewer and CAD Plug-ins Development

Web-based 3D model sharing platform to enable real-time collaboration

Augmented Application Development

By providing information from the virtual world

Game Development with FBX Exporter For Fusion 360

Game Development with FBX Exporter For Fusion 360

ProtoTech’s most compelling 3D PDF Exporter Revit practiced by North Carolina University scholars.

Our client George Poulos is a graduate student in the Construction and Facility

Skylynx – An Android App

Skylynx is Wearlynx’s flagship product which connects ski users

Onshape: 3D PDF, WebGL, OBJ Exporter

ProtoTech launched 3 exporters on Onshape platform

Flow Accelerated Corrosion Representation

This project was outsourced by the client to another organisation

View Inc.-Custom viewer in Forge for 3D Navigation

ProtoTech developed a custom viewer in Forge platform for 3D navigation

Verold Publisher Plug-in for Revit

Sharing of Revit files on cloud. Translation of Revit files

3D Land Forming Design Software to Address Water Logging

With the help of software,  farmers were able to reshape and optimize

3D Interactive Training Application using Unity3D

Create a simulation training curriculum for staff in the oil and gas industry

Software to Generate G-Codes for Metal Spin Forming

The client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design software

Cloud-based WebApp for agricultural earthworks

It is a cloud-based web app to collaborate and review Landform Design

An Inventor to VRML Exporter

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is a 3D scene

Video Conferencing Integration for a web based Model sharing Platform

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open-source and a free project

Design of Graphical ActiveX Control to render 3D Model on Web

The client shared the specification of his requirements. Our team developed the

3D Model Comparison and Visualization

Today, several engineering design applications are available to

Auto-generation and Visualization of annotations for a building model

This building is originally sourced from the IFC format

Development of a 3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD

The team conducted weekly update meetings and recorded regular

ProtoTech success stories from the clients all around the globe on various projects on different services