Data Interoperability

Data Interoperability

CAD Data Exchange (or Interoperability) is a black hole problem. The reason for using this analogy is, if you try to solve this problem yourself, all your focus, attention and energy will be sucked by it. And like most of the traps, this one also appears very simple and tempting to solve all by yourselves. Our familiarity with engineering data formats (B-Rep and Viz-Rep both viz. STEP, IGES, JT, SAT, X_T, PDF, OBJ, STL, etc.) and the toolkits that are used (HOOPS/Exchange, Datakit, InterOp, Open Design Alliance(ODA), etc.) helps you make a wise decision so that you can remain focus and spend the least amount of time on money on data import/export capabilities which is essential but not typically the main function of your software.

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Data Interoperability Solutions by Prototech give you the power to read, display, and work around all kinds of data without the apprehension of its format.

Data Interoperability / Exchange