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  • Pascal Franken
  • Pequea Machine Inc

"Just used the plugin 'OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks' and it worked a charm. Easy to follow all the steps I got in the email from ProtoTech and very intuitive to use after installation."

Head of Product, GRADANT SL

"Prototech shows that they stand behind their products and care about the needs of their customers. Their solutions for exporting files are of high quality, speed and are easy to use. I can definitely recommend their software OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks."

Pascal Franken, Design Engineer , REGGS

"The OBJ exporter from Prototech has solved a lot of workflow issues for us. Instead of relying on questionable methods of converting our entire production-ready Solidworks assemblies, putting the entire assembly into a zipped folder, upload the model, and then re-download the entire assembly and hoping it’s good enough quality to use for our product animations. Prototech’s solution makes it extremely simple, and the models that come out of the exporter are high quality with no errors. Their tools allow us to continue making content for our current and future customers and for that, we really don’t see any reason why we would use anything else except for what Prototech has to offer"

Craig Westlake, Creative Design for Pequea Machine Inc

"After using your updated OBJ converter for some days and exporting a range of SolidWorks model into OBJ files, I´d like to let you know, that it works perfectly now! Many thanks again for your kind support and this simple but very useful plug-in."



Mesh Quality

Control to adjust mesh quality from preferences dialog

Export Attachment

Export supporting documents like STL, STEP file etc as attachment to the 3DPDF.

Export Texture

Exports tessellated model data along with texture information.

Encrypt PDF

Set a password on the exported PDF file.

Template Designer

Embed 3D Model to your existing PDF

Export Property

Exports Model Assembly Tree and Properties in the exported 3D PDF file. Supports face level colors Option to control the file size and quality by specifying precision value

Demo Video