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OBJ Exporter for SolidEdge

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OBJ Exporter For SolidEdge Features

Other Features

  • Supports for GLB file
  • Supports Partial Texture export
  • Supports color and texture
  • Model swap functionality at the time of traversing
  • An option to control the file size and quality by specifying the facet tolerance and precision value
  • Export tessellated data using default tessellation tolerances exactly the same as used by Solid Edge
  • Exports transparency in OBJ as well. The feature of transparency gives a better viewing experience.
  • Can export OBJ model flipped or swapped along X, Y and Z axis or use any combination

How It Works

General Usage Instructions:

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Run Solid Edge application
  3. Find the ‘OBJ Exporter’ section.

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