3D PDF Viewer for iOS and Android

We witnessed a plethora of 3D file formats in the last decade of our work in visualization. Some are rich, but proprietary on the other hand. Some are readable, others have SDKs to access. Amongst all these, 3D PDF has emerged as a leading format which contains the benefits of most of them. The main advantages of 3D PDF format are :

  • It is an open format and published as ISO Standard.
  • It has capability to store variety of data viz. 2D, 3D, visualization information, Geometric Model (BRep, Poly-BRep, Set, Point-Set, Wire, Poly-Wire), Product Structure, Product Manufacturing Info (PMI).
  • It can contain Animations.
  • It allows users to store scripts which can be invoked by the user. This gives ability to provide highly interactive documents.
  • It’s ubiquitous Adobe Acrobat Reader is believed to be installed on 97% of world’s PC.

Our 3DPDF Viewer extends the use of 3D PDF to mobile devices by providing the user ability to view and interact with 3D PDF data directly on iOS and Android operating devices.

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3D PDF Viewer for iOS and Android

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3D PDF Viewer for iOS and Android Features

iPad and iPhone Features

  • It supports BRep, Poly-BRep, Wire, Poly-Wire, Point-Set, Set type of Geometric Models.
  • It supports file browsing form Box and Dropbox (Box and Dropbox cloud storage are natively integrated with the application).
  • It can open password protected pdf files.
  • It supports Instancing and Transparency.

Android Features

  • It supports the BRep type of Geometric Models.
  • It can directly browse files from device internal storage in the application itself.
  • It supports orbit operation of off-centered models.

Common Features

  • 3D PDF model rendering(.prc files).
  • Supports meshes and colors.
  • Multi-touch gestures like zoom, pan, rotate and fit to screen.

We really hope that you all will find our 3D PDF Viewer application very useful in helping you share your 3D PDF files with many more designers now.

We still have plenty of exciting features to add to our app. Amongst them, few are:-

  • Support U3D based 3D PDF.
  • Support for compressed 3D tessellation data.
  • Support for user selection.
  • Support for vector and 2D Data.

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