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If you are happy with your present CAD Software, we guess it is making your work efficient, accurate, and reducing the product development cycle time. However, if you want to be delighted, you need to customize your CAD. The support tools and technology for customization give better control, design with greater precision and further reduce cycle time by 35% -40 %

At ProtoTech, we leverage our experience to customize and automate the design and modify the Software into a specialized application. Our expertise helps you reduce design time, optimize design accuracy, and reduce time-to-market, ultimately increasing the profitability. We make sure that whatever software you utilize - Inventor, Solidworks, Creo, Onshape, Fusion360, Max- to design innovative products, we have the perfect solution to enhance it. We are transparent and provide support throughout the development cycle right from gathering your CAD Customization requirement, consulting, identifying the gaps and inefficiencies, to CAD automation and maintenance support.

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Customizations And Plugins – Toolkits

3D CAD Software Development – Projects

Cloud 3D Print connector for Max and Maya

We developed plugins on Max and Maya for the client to allow the users to connect to from within Max/Maya environment, browse the parts and purchase/download them on to local machine.

BOM on Solidworks

We have developed a plugin on Solidworks to get Bill Of Materials for the Solidworks assembly. The plugin displays a windows form with assembly tree structure with a row for each part. User can interact with Solidworks assembly from the BOM form itself to create or modify the parts properties.

WebGL Exporter for CREO

For a US based client we have have developed WebGL exporter for CREO, which supports, parts and assemblies, with surface level colors, and linear annotation too.

WebGL Exporter for CAD softwares.

If you want to share your 3D model with anyone, or want to embed in your website, the WebGL/HTML format can be useful to you. ProtoTech has developed this exporter for various platforms.

VRML Exporter for Inventor

This was a custom development project that we did for a US based company. They wanted to have their data exported out of Inventor into VRML format. They were relying on a third party software which went out of support and desperately needed to get a solution. ProtoTech delivered it to them on time.

Automating the client’s process for SpaceClaim

We have developed an addin on to SpaceClaim for a European client, for user process automation. It includes copying existing parts to specific sub assemblies, create 3D text from 2D note and create stl files for each sub assembly and 3D text together. We have reduced (number of sub assemblies x 10) user mouse clicks to one mouse click only.

3D PDF Exporter for CAD softwares.

To showcase our expertise and understanding in 3D PDF file format, ProtoTech has developed the 3D PDF file exporter for various platforms. We have the SDK available too for this, which can be easily integrated with your application if required.

OBJ Exporter for CAD softwares.

OBJ is the universally accepted format. ProtoTech has developed OBJ exporter on various platforms. SDK is available for OBJ format, this can be easily integrated with your application if required.

Our Success Stories

iOS 3D Viewer and CAD Plug-ins Development
Point cloud processor, Helix Matcher
Helix Revit Addin creator
Forge Converter, Scheduler Service
Verold Publisher Plug-in for Revit
An Inventor to VRML Exporter

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