Streamline Your CAD design Workflow with ProtoTech’s cutting-edge CAD Automation and customization services. Save time and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, generating design variations, and optimizing complex workflows. Our team of experts leverages the latest tools and technologies to deliver seamless integration and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Take your CAD designs to the next level and maximize productivity with our reliable and efficient automation services.


If you are happy with your present CAD Software, we guess it is making your work efficient, accurate, and reducing the product development cycle time. However, if you want to be delighted, you need to customize your CAD. The support tools & technology for customization give better control, design with greater precision and further reduce cycle time by 35% -40%.

At ProtoTech, we leverage our experience to customize and automate the design and modify the Software into a specialized application. Our expertise helps you reduce design time, optimize design accuracy, and reduce time-to-market, ultimately increasing profitability. We make sure that whatever software you utilize - Inventor, Solidworks, Creo, Onshape, Fusion360, Max- to design innovative products, we have the perfect solution to enhance it. We are transparent and provide support throughout the development cycle right from gathering your CAD Customization requirement, consulting, and identifying the gaps and inefficiencies, to CAD automation and maintenance support.

CAD Customizations and Plugins Development Services


Key Features of CAD Customization
  • We align with your specific design requirements and business processes developed to automate repetitive tasks, create specialized tools, and enhance the overall efficiency of your CAD workflow.

  • We create custom scripts, macros, and plugins that can be developed to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and save significant amounts of time.

  • Our CAD customizations help eliminate human errors and ensure consistent standards across designs. We can optimize the user interface, toolsets, and commands to match your preferred workflow.

  • Facilitate seamless integration between your CAD software and other external systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, product data management (PDM) systems, or simulation tools.

  • Our CAD customization services can be designed with scalability in mind, ensuring long-term usability and future-proofing your CAD environment.



ProtoTech Solution is an early adopter of Autodesk technology. We have won Hackathon and Portathon Awards every year for the last 3 years. We are Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) Partners and authorized developers for 18 years. We are among the first companies to have Plugins on Autodesk App Store. Currently having 50+ plugins. We have extensive experience customizing almost all Autodesk products (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Navisworks, Max, Maya, Fusion, Forge, etc.)

Our certified professionals are equipped with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in a wide range of AUTODESK products, including CAD, CAM, BIM, and more. From implementation and training to customization and ongoing support, we ensure seamless integration of AUTODESK tools into your workflows, empowering your team to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.

Certified Autodesk Partner



Cloud 3D Print connector for Max and Maya

We developed plugins on Max and Maya for the client to allow the users to connect to from within the Max/Maya environment, browse the parts and purchase/download them onto a local machine.

BOM on Solidworks

We have developed a plugin on Solidworks to get a Bill Of Materials for the Solidworks assembly. The plugin displays a Windows form with an assembly tree structure with a row for each part. Users can interact with Solidworks assembly from the BOM form itself to create or modify the properties of the parts.

WebGL Exporter for CREO

For a US-based client, we have developed a WebGL exporter for CREO, which supports parts and assemblies, with surface-level colours, and linear annotation too.

WebGL Exporter for CAD Software

If you want to share your 3D model with anyone or want to embed it in your website, the WebGL/HTML format can be useful to you. ProtoTech has developed this exporter for various platforms.

VRML Exporter for Inventor

This was a custom development project that we did for a US-based company. They wanted to have their data exported out of Inventor into VRML format. They were relying on third-party software which went out of support and desperately needed to get a solution. ProtoTech delivered it to them on time.

Automating the client’s process for SpaceClaim

We have developed an addin on to SpaceClaim for a European client, for user process automation. It includes copying existing parts to specific sub-assemblies, creating 3D text from 2D notes and creating STL files for each sub-assembly and 3D text together. We have reduced (the number of sub-assemblies x 10) user mouse clicks to one mouse click only.

3D PDF Exporter for CAD software

To showcase our expertise and understanding in 3D PDF file format, ProtoTech has developed a 3D PDF file exporter for various platforms. We have the SDK available too for this, which can be easily integrated with your application if required.

OBJ Exporter for CAD software

OBJ is the universally accepted format. ProtoTech has developed OBJ exporter on various platforms. SDK is available for OBJ format, this can be easily integrated with your application if required.
Tailor Your CAD Experience: Empower Your Designs with Customization and Plugins



  • Jim Quanci, Sr. Director
    Jim Quanci, Sr. Director , Autodesk Developer Network

    “ProtoTech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner. As an early adopter of Forge, ProtoTech is now a leader delivering Autodesk customers development services using Forge. Naming ProtoTech an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision. They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with ground breaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data - powered by Forge.”

  • Ron Fritz, CEO
    Ron Fritz, CEO , Tech Soft 3D

    "Our relationship with ProtoTech has been highly beneficial to many ISV’s using TS3D components. By providing high-value development services to complement our rich components, the team at ProtoTech helps engineering ISV’s build better software, faster. Based on our experience we would recommend them highly as a services partner for any engineering software project."

  • Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO
    Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO, AR Mavericks, Inc.

    "ProtoTech Solutions is a critical asset for my small, bootstrapped startup. When you are using agencies and freelancers for major development projects, you quickly learn there are big differences in the quality of available services. With ProtoTech, starting with their initial proposal, it was evident they are clearly a best-in-class organization. They delivered on every point of the proposal on time and showed an incredible depth of expertise in their domain. I consider them a valuable partner, not just a vendor."

  • Michael McDonnell
    Michael McDonnell, Configure One ,United States

    "We have found ProtoTech to be an outstanding partner. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to delivering on time & on budget is second to none."

  • Dave Peel, President
    Dave Peel, President, Microvellum, Inc.

    "ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization is top notch. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. I strongly recommend ProtoTech and feel fortunate to be their partner."

  • Peter Saal, Product Manager
    Peter Saal, Product Manager, Trimble

    "We are very impressed with the ProtoTech team's unprompted willingness to always ‘go the extra mile’. They did an outstanding job dealing with our application-specific challenges (multiface texture export, the export of polyline entities, model tree hierarchy, etc.), and optimizing large files down to very compact ones, reducing them in some cases by almost 70%. Their strong understanding of current development practices and professional attention to detail make them a dependable development partner."

  • Henry Uyeme, CEO
    Henry Uyeme, CEO , Intrida

    "We had presented a very challenging set of objectives requiring intricate engineering processes. This was expertly handled by ProtoTech Solutions, with a high degree of technology expertise, deep understanding of product requirements and excellent communications. This has naturally lead to a perfect partnership which we are very proud of. Many thanks to ProtoTech Solutions!"

  • Damian Rafferty, Director
    Damian Rafferty, Director , Pulse PLM

    "We at Pulse Systems create value enhancing software solutions. For our Pulse PLM Suite, a leading product lifecycle management solution, we needed an expert team with 3D software development skills. ProtoTech Solutions turned out to be perfect partners for us. They helped us right from making technology decisions to design and implementation of our ideas. We are very happy with their talent and responsiveness and highly recommend them to anyone needing software development services."


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