3D View Control SDK

3D View is a lightweight and compatible control capable of easy integration in your application. 3D View allows the user to view and interact with CAD data directly on iPad and iPhone devices. The user can easily zoom, pan and rotate the 3D model with a multi-touch gesture. View file type 3D PDF, OBJ, STL, DAE

File Format iOS Android
3D PDF Yes Yes (Password not supported)
OBJ Yes Not Supported
STL Yes Not supported
DAE Yes (SceneKit Compressed) Not Supported

Trial Version: One week trial of the SDK will be provided

License Terms and conditions: It’s 1-year subscription-based license.

Platform Supported: Windows and Linux

3D View Control

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3D View Control

3D View Control SDK Features

  • Supports 3D PDF (prc), OBJ, ASCII STL, Binary STL and Scene kit Compressed DAE file.
  • Supports meshes and colors.
  • Multi-touch gestures like zoom, pan, rotate and fit to screen
  • It can open password protected pdf files(for iOS only).
  • It supports Instancing and Transparency.
  • Its free to use.

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