What Our Clients Say About Us

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“ProtoTech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner. As an early adopter of Forge, ProtoTech is now a leader delivering Autodesk customers development services using Forge. Naming ProtoTech an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision. They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with ground breaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data - powered by Forge.”

Jim Quanci,
Sr. Director, Autodesk Developer Network
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"For six years and counting, ProtoTech has been an extremely valuable quality assurance partner for Roblox. The thorough and disciplined testing conducted by ProtoTech'sQA team gives us great confidence that we are delivering high-quality product updates to our millions of users. They go to great lengths to not only uncover defects but also suggest product and process improvements. We highly recommend ProtoTech's QA experts for software testing."

Tim Loduha,
Senior Director, Roblox
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"Our relationship with ProtoTech has been highly beneficial to many ISV’s using TS3D components. By providing high-value development services to complement our rich components, the team at ProtoTech helps engineering ISV’s build better software, faster. Based on our experience we would recommend them highly as a services partner for any engineering software project."

Ron Fritz,
CEO, Tech Soft 3D
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"I have been learning Autodesk Fusion 360 to support my desire to 3D print – and wanted a way to share CAD files with others – I found ProtoTech Solutions 3D PDF Exporter to work fantastically, and also their 3D PDF viewer for my Android works great. However, even better than how well the products work, their customer service was fantastic, as they responded to multiple questions I had daily !! I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone."

David Preston,
Retired Boeing Engineer, Boeing
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"We are extremely happy with the plug-in now, and we’ve fully switched our team and our outsources to your plug-in. Thank you for the quick turnaround on the update, and we won’t hesitate to ask if there is anything else we need."

Ben Day,
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"ProtoTech went above and beyond our expectations! Their impressive technical expertise, proactive approach, and swift understanding of project requirements not only led to the project being completed well ahead of schedule but also allowed them to proactively address and resolve any potential challenges. As our trusted 3D partner, their flexibility and unwavering support throughout the entire journey were truly outstanding, resulting in a solution that has delighted our customers. We sincerely appreciate their exceptional teamwork and dedication!”

Ravikant Kamal,
Co-founder & CTO, 3D Surgical
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"We are very impressed with the ProtoTech team's unprompted willingness to always ‘go the extra mile’. They did an outstanding job dealing with our application-specific challenges (multiface texture export, the export of polyline entities, model tree hierarchy, etc.), and optimizing large files down to very compact ones, reducing them in some cases by almost 70%. Their strong understanding of current development practices and professional attention to detail make them a dependable development partner.”

Peter Saal,
Product Manager, Trimble
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"I want to take a moment to applaud the ProtoTech team for their outstanding problem-solving abilities.They are a true force of nature when it comes to tackling complex issues. Their dedication and expertise shine through, making them an invaluable asset to our team here at TransMagic. Their relentless pursuit of solutions, even amidst chaos, is a huge relief and a testament to their unwavering commitment. Working with ProtoTech is an honor. It's inspiring to witness such diligent and skillful collaboration on a shared goal, transcending cultural boundaries and spanning thousands of miles. It gives me a glimmer of hope for the human race when I see a team like yours working together with unwavering enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Thank you all for your dedication and the exceptional work you do every day.”

Brad Strong,
Technical Communications Director, TransMagic
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"We had presented a very challenging set of objectives requiring intricate engineering processes. This was expertly handled by ProtoTech Solutions, with a high degree of technology expertise, deep understanding of product requirements and excellent communications. This has naturally lead to a perfect partnership which we are very proud of. Many thanks to ProtoTech Solutions!"

Henry Uyeme,
CEO , Intrida
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"Professionally network team building materials without goal-oriented e-tailers. Collaboratively brand business portals through team building experiences. Completely target intuitive web-readiness vis-a-vis."

David Little,
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"We at Pulse Systems create value enhancing software solutions. For our Pulse PLM Suite, a leading product lifecycle management solution, we needed an expert team with 3D software development skills. ProtoTech Solutions turned out to be perfect partners for us. They helped us right from making technology decisions to design and implementation of our ideas. We are very happy with their talent and responsiveness and highly recommend them to anyone needing software development services."

Damian Rafferty,
Pulse PLM
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"The new Makersite add-on for Fusion 360 is a game changer in enabling designers to make high-confidence decisions on CO2 and costs in real-time, by leveraging sustainability insights within Autodesk Fusion 360’s product design environment. Thanks to ProtoTech's expertise, we were able to implement this solution quickly and in a collaborative way with Makersite. The Makersite add-on for Fusion 360 is now available on the Autodesk App Store for users to download and apply to customers’ projects, so they can design cost-effective sustainable products at scale."

Zoé Bezpalko,
Senior Sustainability Strategy Manager/Autodesk
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"Thank you for doing such a great job - we're very excited about this new product and our Prototech team. We've got a winner here."

Craig Dennis,
CTO , TransMagic Inc.
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"3DPDF Exporter for Inventor (Automation) is a wonderful product! It provides us a great help for implementing our solutions. Thank you very much ProtoTech for developing excellent product and for providing a fast and efficient support."

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"ProtoTech Solutions is a critical asset for my small, bootstrapped startup. When you are using agencies and freelancers for major development projects, you quickly learn there are big differences in the quality of available services. With ProtoTech, starting with their initial proposal, it was evident they are clearly a best-in-class organization. They delivered on every point of the proposal on time and showed an incredible depth of expertise in their domain. I consider them a valuable partner, not just a vendor."

Bill Wallace,
Founder & CEO AR Mavericks, Inc.
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"We have found ProtoTech to be an outstanding partner. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to delivering on time & on budget is second to none."

Michael McDonnell,
Configure One ,United States
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"It has been an incredible experience working with the ProtoTech team. I am pleased we decided to work with them. I have seen consistent performance, both in terms of meeting and exceeding expectations. Their daily reporting and weekly sync-up meetings are very helpful keeping me in touch with progress. I have been impressed at how well the team at ProtoTech understands the problem; their flexibility, enthusiasm are commendable, Thanks, guys for doing a great job!"

Don Larson,
CEO, Larson Software Technology
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"It has always been a pleasure working with the ProtoTech team. Their exceptional ability to understand the requirements, the professionalism they embrace, their drive to perfection; altogether adds to the success of the mission. For our project, 'Autodesk Inventor - Product 3D Online Display System' - web server integration, ProtoTech's expertise in Web 3D Visualization and Inventor customization API’s, helped us with our target. Quickly getting tons of permutations of quayside cranes models and mechanical products, with simple changes to the parameters, made the job even easier. As a result, customers are able to quickly customize models as per the required specifications through the web interface and place the order."

Sylvia Zhu,
Dimension Plus Inc.
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"ProtoTech plays an important role as our extended Software R&D team and relationship with them has been highly beneficial. Technically competent, trustworthy and high-quality professional-grade off-site development partner for 3D visualization and CAD/engineering software related developments. Communication has been smooth with the off-site team with daily calls and status updates. We look forward to expanding our business with them and see them as our long-term partner in Japan."

Rika Hatai,
Core Concept Technologies ,Japan
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"Prototech was referred to me. At first I was a little skeptical to be working with a team halfway around the world. But it didn’t take long to build a really effective working relationship with them. The development engineering team has been a pleasure to work with and the level of communication has been the key. They were able to produce a first release software package for me that simply works. I know when I come back for subsequent development, the team at Prototech will be ready. I can easily recommend ProtoTech for your software development. They are professional, personable, and knowledgeable and you can tell they want to do a great job."

Dave Grupenhagen,
DG Associates
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"First of all congratulations to your brilliant team of experts at Prototech Solutions.It was my first meeting with your team and I was impressed with the large range of solutions and value you are adding to Autodesk software and web-services. We, at Autodesk, believe in the idea of a strong developer partner eco-system. Your newest mobile and cloud apps based on View & Data Visualisation and Autodesk® Fusion 360™ proof your early adoption of our cloud-services in your market."

Peter Schlipf,
Sr Manager Autodesk Developer Network EMEA
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"ProtoTech has a long-standing history of providing assistance to users of Tech Soft 3D SDKs. They possess a broad understanding of our distinct toolkits and the requirements of various 3D engineering industries that we collaboratively support. They are experts in 3D, and I would highly recommend their development services to software teams of all sizes."

Jonathan Girroir,
Senior Director , Tech Soft 3D
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"Our Tri-sure France R & D department wanted to show their new products to our customers and also in internal to their colleagues, to do products promotion and explaining the closure technology, all with a simple PDF file. After discussion with our local provider, your solution 3DPDF has been tested. It‘s very easy to show a new closure product from a PDF file in the 3-way. It’s wonderful!"

Bruno Courtois,
Infrastructure, Greif
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"ProtoTech has perfectly understand our needs. Results are as expected. Response time is very fast. Small changes or enhancements are perfectly implemented, sometimes even in a couple of hours. Thank you!"

R&D/Visualization- beMatrix
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"ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization, mobile app development and various CAD formats is unmatched. ProtoTech is very agile and determined to solve any problem we present them with. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. They have always adjusted to our business requirements."

Jim Plymale,
President & CEO - Machine Research Corporation
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"It has been a pleasure working with the ProtoTech development team. We were looking for a technically competent professional off-site development team for some of the core feature developments in Vectorworks. And ProtoTech stepped up to the plate and delivered the functionality with quality in a timely fashion. The team leaders kept us up to date with status updates and discussed future plans on a regular basis making it easy for us to proactively solve the problems down the line. In short, the partnership with ProtoTech has been very fruitful."

Biplab Sarkar,
CEO, Nemetschek Vectorworks
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"ProtoTech Solutions has been an excellent development partner for us. Their prompt feedback and quick turnaround times have allowed us to scale quickly. We look forward to our continued cooperation with this talented group and wholeheartedly recommend ProtoTech for anyone looking for a professional and organized development team."

Torrin Raoufi-Danner,
Ostensor AB
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"ProtoTech Solutions has been very helpful in expanding our base of software integrations, with SolidWorks and Inventor add-ons built specifically for Sketchfab. Many of our users use those plugins everyday, which makes their workflow much easier. We didn't have the software-specific knowledge ProtoTech had, so their work was great added value."

Alban Denoyel,
Co-founder & CEO, Sketchfab. (USA)

"ProtoTech helped us pioneered the concept of AR for retail products. The work of ProtoTech was fundamental to better evaluate the many existing technologies, both based on image and pattern recognition. After testing different results, we decided to go with browser-based AR, being one of the first to adopt what is now becoming a standard for the sector. ProtoTech Team's demonstrated to be quick in understanding our requirements, and to push their expertise in 3D formats into new directions, developing with new platforms and frameworks in record time."

Giorgio Mazzucchelli,
Software Architect, Italy

"The ProtoTech team has done great work for us over the past few years. They are very responsive, excellent in communication, flexible, and take real ownership for the success of our projects. The team constantly strives to improve, and they are very open to adopt and even suggest new tools, design approaches, and coding best practices. I have managed several outsourced development partners in the past, and the ProtoTech team is by far the best I’ve worked with. I’m glad that ProtoTech is our development partner and would not hesitate to use them on future projects."

VP, Operations,
US based Inspection Software Solutions Company

"I’ve been very satisfied with the work ProtoTech Solutions has done."

Jimmy Bergmark,
JTB World (Sweden)
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"ProtoTech's team is very productive and responsive. Solid execution with a good balance of proactive problem-solving and smart, timely questions. We are happy to work with ProtoTech and would highly recommend them."

Sarah W. Stocker,
Co-Founder, Wearlynx, Inc.
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"ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization is top notch. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. I strongly recommend ProtoTech and feel fortunate to be their partner."

Dave Peel,
President- Microvellum, Inc.
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"First of all let me say again, amazing work guys. I have been consistently impressed with your solutions, your speed at implementation and ability to improvise with our product and schedules."

Robin Willis,

"I want to thank you for your exemplary service in the past weeks. You have performed admirably, even though I have been unable to participate due to my many distractions. Your ability to carry on without me has been invaluable. A million thanks would not be enough."

Columbus , Ohio based software company
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"Our interaction with ProtoTech helped us in the areas of visualization to rapidly build a team with advanced 3D graphics programming ability."

Vikas Saxena,
Head Software Developer, Renishaw Metrology Systems

"I love it!! WOOOW!! It works!!! Thank you very much, sincerely!! I'm very grateful, you can't imagine how much. I have expended almost TWO YEARS attempting to recover this model in an usable mode for my illustrations. Was an emotional issue, because that ship, that particular DWG model has a special sentimental value. Again, thank you so much. You have saved something of great value to me."

Noel Buigues Vega,
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"This is really a great software for my problems.The company's support is very good, and my problem was soon solved."

Lei Lei,
People's Republic of China
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"It works ! Super cool !!! Many Many Many Thanks !!! Also super support from PROTOTECH.FIRST CLASS!"

Manuel Böhm,
F.G. Meier GmbH, Germany
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"It's great to use - just a different way to what I'm used to - much easier."

Trudi Fajri,
Benmax, Australia
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"Thanks for your assistance- I appreciate it. Everything is working good and now I can show the cad-work I've I been doing to other people. You guys have been great to work with and helped me with all the issues that I came across. Thanks."

Anthony Hyde,
New Mexico State University, U.S.A
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"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks is a really good plug-in for getting geometry out of SW and into Blender. The quality of geometry seemed very high quality and good for any rendering needs. Thanks!"

Brendan Crawford
Technical Director, Motiv Design
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"Having extensively used both ProtoTech's 3DPDF Exporter for Inventor plugin and the inbuilt Autodesk Inventor plugin, I can confidently say that ProtoTech's plugin surpasses the inbuilt one in efficiency and speed. Thank you for providing a superior solution that enhances productivity and creativity in the field of CAD/CAM development."

Claude Roseberry
Services 3D Tech
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"We tested the free version of the converter 'IGES Exporter for Autodesk® Revit®' and found it to be the only one that perfectly converts formats for our machines. This convinced us to purchase a license without hesitation. "

Lazarev Ilya Dmitrievich
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"We highly recommend ProtoTech's product 'GLTF Exporter for Fusion 360' and we are impressed with their fast and efficient support. We have always received quick and professional help whenever we needed it. We are convinced that ProtoTech, with their support, is one of the best."

Johan Poulsen, Product manager
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"I installed the ProtoTech STEP Importer for Revit and is making my job much easier when importing complex CAD models to Revit. Also, the support team is very helpful and responsive."

Francesc Alvarez, Product Engineer
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"Thank you for your prompt response and your kind words. I am truly pleased with the software's performance, as it has significantly enhanced my daily work processes. Here's a short testimonial reflecting my experience:
I am very satisfied with the software; it has proven to be an invaluable asset in my daily work. The time saved on routine tasks is substantial, given the necessity to present 3D drawings to our clients daily. The software's efficiency has indeed been commendable. I greatly appreciate the software's overall functionality, and your prompt attention to user feedback demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service. I am confident that such instances will be addressed, and I look forward to continued positive experiences with your product."

Ernesto Sacramento, Surveyor Manager
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"ProtoTech Solutions has provided an exceptional experience with their OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD. During my testing phase, the exporter performed flawlessly, meeting all advertised functionalities. The ease of use and reliability have truly impressed me. I'm confident in my decision to purchase the full version before the weekend. I wholeheartedly recommend the OBJ Exporter to fellow professionals. Thanks to ProtoTech for delivering a top-notch solution!"

Darren Guillory,
Technical Solutions Specialist, SSI (ShipConstructor & ShipbuildingPLM)

"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter stands out for its seamless integration into the SolidWorks environment, providing a user-friendly experience. The ability to export SolidWorks models to OBJ format with just a few clicks has saved me valuable time and eliminated the complexities associated with other export methods. The flexibility to customize export settings allows for tailored outputs, catering to the specific requirements of each project. Highly recommended for efficient 3D model exporting."

Anton Kozyrev,
Digital Training Production, Lightvision Media Group
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"ProtoTech's GLTF exporter plugin for SolidWorks has been a useful tool in giving me a solution to share 3D designs across various platforms with customers. This has given us the ability to create photo-realistic renderings of designs using a cost-effective plugin that provides an alternative to more expensive alternate license upgrades. The seamless integration with SolidWorks and the intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to use. The exported GLTF files maintain the quality and detail of our original designs, and compatibility with various 3D applications and platforms has been flawless. It's a reliable and essential addition to our toolkit."

Brendan Potter,
eZi Controls Product Manager, iLED
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'I liked the OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD plugin so much I bought it twice!' That's how much I believe in the power of this amazing plugin. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer that has transformed the way I work. If you want to take your productivity and creativity to the next level, this plugin is an absolute must-have. Don't hesitate – get it today and experience the difference!"

Bob Howell,
Visualization Manager, WGI
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"ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. has provided exceptional AutoCAD plugins with their OBJ Importer and OBJ Exporter. We have been using these plugins extensively and are extremely satisfied with their performance and functionality. The plugins seamlessly integrate with AutoCAD, allowing us to efficiently import and export OBJ files. The team at ProtoTech Solutions has been responsive and supportive, promptly addressing any queries or concerns we had. We highly recommend ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd. for their top-notch plugins and excellent customer service.”

Martin Ackermann,
IT Technical Consultant, moveIT Software GmbH
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"I recently purchased ProtoTech's 'glTF Exporter For Fusion 360' plugin for my E-Commerce website, and I'm incredibly impressed with the support I received from the ProtoTech Solutions team. They worked hard to fulfill my specific requirement of exporting 3D 'bas-relief' pictures directly to my website. Their quick and accurate feedback, along with their excellent follow-up and dedication, was truly impressive. Thanks to this amazing plugin, I can now save time and effortlessly export files in the right format for WooCommerce. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the ProtoTech Solutions team. Your plugin and outstanding support have exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"

Alexandre Clauss,
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"ProtoTech's STEP Exporter for AutoCAD has transformed my design workflow. With its seamless integration, intuitive interface, and exceptional accuracy, exporting my designs to STEP format has never been easier. The plugin's versatility and reliable customer support make it a must-have tool for any CAD professional."

Svenja Wilder,
Project Manager , addonplus
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"Thank you ProtoTech for developing such an awesome SDK - 3D PDF to OBJ Exporter !!! It just works great!!! The quick assistance and support received is very much appreciated!"

CenterMed ,China

"Thank you so much for Great add in for AutoCAD. ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter just works awesome!"

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"We routinely need to share 3D models with our customers, and ProtoTech's 3D PDF Converter for Fusion is the best tool we've found so far! Most of our customers don't have any access to 3D software; in this case, a 3D PDF is the best way to show them the designs we created!"

Roland Valentin Hannak,
Solutec Lackiertechnik GmbH (Germany)
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" Transforming our Fusion 360 3D drawings into PDFs became a breeze with ProtoTech's '3D PDF' exporter for Fusion 360 plug-in. The competitive pricing, along with quick and satisfactory assistance, made the process seamless. The added bonus of free updates for 1 year is a fantastic feature. I highly recommend ProtoTech for its reliable solutions and excellent support."

Marcello Magnani,
Brand manager & Chief designer, Skylink Engineering sas
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" The OBJ exporter for Inventor plugin by Prototech is a very beautiful simple software that always works! "

David Scott,
Head of Products, Sculptform
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"To present our products in an understandable way, we need 3-dimensional illustrations. The GLTF Exporter for Inventor is the essential link between our 3D designs and the Internet. The interface is easy to understand and the export of the data works reliably."

Nicolas Berg,
BETA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

"Everything went well 🙂 I received what I wanted, it means .gltf file from Fusion360 3D model. I will surely recommend your software 👍 "

Light vision Media Group
Controlling and IT, Fande

"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter stands out for its seamless integration into the SolidWorks environment, providing a user-friendly experience. The ability to export SolidWorks models to OBJ format with just a few clicks has saved me valuable time and eliminated the complexities associated with other export methods.
The flexibility to customize export settings allows for tailored outputs, catering to the specific requirements of each project. Highly recommended for efficient 3D model exporting. "

Light vision Media Group
Anton Kozyrev, Digital Training Production

"ProtoTech's Fusion 360 to OBJ Converter has transformed my 3D modeling experience. It offers a faster, more controlled conversion process, providing high-quality results for game-ready models. The tool's efficiency and user-friendly interface have significantly enhanced my workflow. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a superior solution for Fusion 360 exports."

Foxford Education, Russia

"The ProtoTech FBX exporter is infinitely better than the built-in Fusion 360 FBX exporter. I no longer have to struggle to fix problematic, low poly topology after exporting to other programs for rendering. It saves me a huge amount of time and headaches. It's definitely worth the one-time purchase price if you need to work in other programs for rendering or whatever else. 5 stars!!"

Miles Ross
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"I use Revit for making architectural drawings, decoration objects. ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for Revit successfully exported my 3d models to a format which my 3d printer was able to read. It works just perfectly fine and if there is any concern, the technical team is ready to give all the support as fast and optimal as they can. I recommend their product a 100%."

Sebastian Rosales,
Architect from Ecuador

"I love ProtoTech's 3D PDF exporter for Revit. This was the best investment that I have made."

JBaie Dankie,
Alex Designs Architects (South Africa)
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"ProtoTech's WebGL Exporter Navisworks provides accurate data that aids us in the design process. I had put in a lot of efforts to get the 3D.html docs, and this is the plugin that ultimately led. I am pleased with the WebGL plugin and would recommend it."

Naveen Kumar,
Client image

"Prototech Solutions offers a high-quality product called 'OBJ Exporter for Revit,' which we use in all of our products. Their customer service is fantastic, providing timely assistance. Outstanding customer service!"

Tommy Kiørboe-Cao,
Building designer, KplusC Arkitektur & Design

"ProtoTech's DWG/DXF Compare is extremely useful software. (I purchased it before I had even finished my trial.) It makes it easy to spot differences – even in very busy drawings. This saves so much time and effort for verifying changes and revision control that this plugin is now a part of my regular workflow. Their customer service is excellent. Thanks for a great product and great support!"

Jason Burdick,
Client image

"Prototech shows that they stand behind their products and care about the needs of their customers. Their solutions for exporting files are of high quality, speed and are easy to use. I can definitely recommend their software OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks."

Pascal Franken,
Design Engineer , REGGS
Client image

"The OBJ exporter from Prototech has solved a lot of workflow issues for us. Instead of relying on questionable methods of converting our entire production-ready Solidworks assemblies, putting the entire assembly into a zipped folder, upload the model, and then re-download the entire assembly and hoping it’s good enough quality to use for our product animations. Prototech’s solution makes it extremely simple, and the models that come out of the exporter are high quality with no errors. Their tools allow us to continue making content for our current and future customers and for that, we really don’t see any reason why we would use anything else except for what Prototech has to offer."

Craig Westlake,
Creative Design for Pequea Machine Inc
Client image

"The software works great, even better than I hoped for. It converts 3D objects from AutoCAD Plant3D to 3D PDF files, flawlessly, and quickly. The PDF is very accurate and rotates perfectly in Adobe Reader. It shows every detail, no matter how small. VERY GOOD and EASY-TO-USE software. Support from PROTOTECH is great. They respond very quickly and no matter what problem you have they solve it fast. From 0 to 10 I would give it 12."

Boštjan Zdolšek,
Design Engineer, ESOT - Invest d.o.o.
Client image

"We used WebGL Exporter for AutoCAD to give our client a simple way in utilizing our 3D model deliverables. The HTML format is easy to distribute, doesn't need any software installation, and it is very easy to use. Enables us to give added value to our service, at just a small cost."

Alan Satria,
Project Manager, Zona Spasial.
Client image

"ProtoTech's 'GLTF Exporter for Autodesk(R) Fusion 360™' plugin is the fastest, simplest way to get GLTF files out of Fusion 360 and ready for AR. Highly recommended!"

Kent Solberg,
Principal, Solberg Design
Client image

"Your Plugin not only works but also is very simple to use with lightning speed! This is not being all, it allows to change the export quality which is of vital importance for games, to be specific mobile games. Game creation needs to export numerous models and this plugin solves it very well."

Stas Urba,
Founder, SoFi_Game

"WebGL Exporter for Solidworks is an excellent product and well worth the investment. It's easy and intuitive to use. This software is highly recommended to anyone that wants to share 3D models with co-workers that don't have expensive 3D modeling software; the created files can be opened in any browser. Furthermore, the Customer Service is top notch and very responsive."

Wayne Tassone,
CADSolutionllc (USA)

"ProtoTech Solutions has been a great source of help and support, offering a helping hand and a caring heart to assist their customers in overcoming any challenges. I've been using their 3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD for over a year and have found it to be a very satisfying tool. What sets ProtoTech Solutions apart is their prompt and responsive customer service. It's truly a testament to their commitment to excellence."

Handaka (Zhu) Setyadi,
Owner, Handal TechnoCraft
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"ProtoTech Solutions’ OBJ Exporter for Inventor is the most reliable, quick, and easy solution to a high-grade OBJ export from Inventor."

Griffin Thomas,
Director of Digital Engineering, Ace Vision Group, Inc.

"I would like to express my utmost appreciation for the service & quality of ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter Inventor. It proved to be a great help to me!"

Evaldas Augutis,
ROL GROUP (Lithuania)
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"You can simply focus on modeling and design while ProtoTech's plugin 'FBX Exporter for Fusion 360' assists you with optimization.It also works extremely promptly. The settings are basic and intuitive."

Kirill komarovsky,
3D Artist
Client image

"After testing lots of different workflows/softwares to convert a tiny detailed STP file to a nicely renderable mesh, the Fusion 360 + Prototech FBX plugin was the best solution.The extra control it adds over Fusion 360 default export resulted in the best combination for polys number, amount of details, and overall mesh quality regarding holes, normals and etc."

Pedro De Leo,
Creative Technical Director, Aevo Studio
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"I've been using the "Obj exporter for AutoCAD" plugin for a couple of weeks now, and I Love It! I'm an old-school AutoCad designer who relies on its solid modeling platform. To finally be able to effortlessly export CAD data to an .OBJ format is a game-changer for me and has streamlined my ability to merge my design data with my point cloud data inside other software platforms. Functionally, it couldn't be easier to load and utilize. It's super straightforward! I will certainly turn to Prototech if I find myself in need of additional plugins."

Robert Howell,
Owner of Superbob3D
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"In AEC industry the 3D data capture, processing and representation in the 3D environment is a prerequisite for any BIM project. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease at which the OBJ Exporter plugin for AUTOCAD by ProtoTech Solutions was able to output the .obj format with all the 3D elements as separate objects. I was then able to import the 3D model in Faro scene which was great as the overlay not only was possible with the point cloud but the photos taken by the scanner to produce an environment that mirrored augmented reality. The OBJ plugin was intuitive and provided a great quality model within Faro scene software."

Ian Grant,
Senior Part-Time Lecturer, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus.
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"I have worked in the field of Industrial and Architectural Design for 40 years, and have witnessed numerous 3d viewering applications come and go. The most encouraging was the export to interactive .pdf 3d formats allowing anyone with an Acrobat Viewer or .pdf viewer to interact with the design intent in an immersive way Support of these programs was often not good, and the cost was also prohibitive, but the people at ProtoTech Solutions have made this an attractive package as to price point, and their on going support has made it an integrated and highly functional part of our design process and for development to RPD output."

Paul L. James,
Design Source International
Client image

"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit offers powerful set of features(export textures, adjustable mesh quality). It went well, with no problems at my end. It is really straightforward to install and use!"

Emile du Toit,
Student at Tshwane University of Technology
Client image

"My name is George Poulos and I'm working to complete my Masters in Construction & Facilities Management at University of North Carolina @ Charlotte. As a part of my thesis, I am researching the conversion of raw 3D scan data so that it's useful for the facility managers. ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Revit is an extremely useful tool in that process. I would like to thank ProtoTech for their fantastic technology and super support!"

George Poulos,
University of North Carolina @ Charlotte
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"I recently purchased the 3D PDF module for Inventor from ProtoTech Solutions and I am delighted with it. Also, I was really glad to see that they have added Inventor weld entity recognition to the newest revision. Another great feature that was added is the ability to disable the measurement tool when you send a file which adds much more security to your models. I am very happy with the software and the service from ProtoTech Solutions."

Mark Killion,
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"I bought the OBJ exporter for AutoCAD from ProtoTech. These folks not only have a great product, but a great attitude and trust!"

Michael Kölsch,
CEO - craniMAX GmbH
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"A 3D PDF is what you need to easily share 3D models with clients that don't have access to 3D software. This software offers you an easy solution to export 3D PDF's from Fusion 360!"

Michael Williams,

"I would like to express my utmost appreciation for the service & quality of ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter Inventor. It proved to be a great help to me!"

Evaldas Augutis,
ROL GROUP (Lithuania)

"WebGL Exporter for Solidworks is an excellent product and well worth the investment. It's easy and intuitive to use. This software is highly recommended to anyone that wants to share 3D models with co-workers that don't have expensive 3D modeling software; the created files can be opened in any browser. Furthermore, the Customer Service is top notch and very responsive."

Wayne Tassone,
CADSolutionllc (USA)
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"This 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor plugin is perfect for my job. Very Useful and powerful. It supports mirror objects, color, and many other interesting features. THANKS!"

Franz Kefer,
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"After using your updated OBJ converter for some days and exporting a range of SolidWorks model into OBJ files, I´d like to let you know, that it works perfectly now! Many thanks again for your kind support and this simple but very useful plug-in."

Oliver Schick,

"ProtoTech's OBJ-Exporter for Inventor did exactly what I wanted, I was very satisfied with the results. We already use the 3D-pdf-exporter from ProtoTech Solutions and I will pass on my positive experiences.Thank you very much, for developing such a useful plugin!!"

Eva Mueller,
Mechanical Engineer,Linde Engineering (Germany)
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"3DPDF Exporter For Inventor from ProtoTech is great product and the support is equally good. Thanks!"

Pascal David,
3D Drawing & Management
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"Great Plugin! Bridges the software gap between supplier and client."

Will Wright,
EAFab Corporation
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"I bought ProtoTech’s 3D PDF Exporter plug-in for Inventor 2 years ago and have loved it ever since. When Inventor came with its own converter built in I considered switching over to that. I convert large models for viewing by my clients. The In-built Inventor converter takes much longer...even with the most simplified settings. The 3DPDF Exporter plug-in from ProtoTech Solutions is way more refined and handles large models with ease. It is easy to use, intuitive and makes smaller output files with great quality. Plus the makers of the program give it exceptional support."

Phil Tschirn,
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"I had several opportunities to use ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Autodesk Inventor and had a great success! A Wonderful product!!!"

Bernd Melster,
Zaytran Automation (United States)
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"ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor just works great!!! I am very pleased. Thank you very much, for developing the plugin! It proved to be a great help to me and my company. We are now able to share 3D models with our production staff so they can see features that they can not with pictures alone. The purchasing and installation was a breeze."

James R. Dunn,
Electro Mechanical Designer, Projects Unlimited, Inc. (USA)
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"ProtoTech - First off, your support was outstanding with my problem. The information and steps helped straighten out my issue. Thank you for developing such an awesome plugin - 3D PDF Exporter for Fusion 360!!"

Rich Chatelain,
Retired CEO, Precision Swiss Products (USA)
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"ProtoTech's 3D PDF exporter for AutoCAD is easy to use and operate. A single button click allows me to generate a 3D PDF that's easy to navigate and use as a communication tool. The service of the supplier, Protech Solutions, is also phenomenal, as I had problems registering the license and getting past my company's firewall. They kept on helping me and following up. I'm very impressed with the "good value for money" product and the supply company."

Jacobus Vermeulen,
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"I am happy to say that 3D PDF Exporter For AutoCAD worked brilliantly. So far my opinion of it is that it’s a fantastic product and makes a great addition to the CAD family of products."

Tyson Prier,
WANSecurity Wireless, U.S.A

"ProtoTech's 3D Measure Up is BEST among the other products in the market in terms of Use, PRICE and HIGH QUALITY - for measurement accuracy. The fastest payback of our investments!"

Mohd. Zaki,
S & V Innovations Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia)
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"Excellent Tool! This 3D PDF exporter for Revit offers a lot of performance for little money when compared to products from other providers. I particularly like the fact that you can also use complete drawings or sheet frames as a base so that the 3D view can be placed directly on a finished plan with plan header and sheet frame. And as far as the support is concerned, it is unrivaled in my opinion. Very quick answers and is only given up when there is a solution. In my case, something didn't work as it should and the support invested many hours to find a solution together with me. In addition, the subsequent versions, i.e. updates for future program releases (e.g. in my case Revit) are free, other manufacturers want money for each update. I am very satisfied with the program and especially with the support."

Guido Winarsky,
Codema, Germany

"The 3D Measure Up - software looks inspiring! I would like to appreciate the work and efforts ProtoTech has put to develop this valuable software. The support team is quite helpful."

Babak Beygi,
(Hong Kong)
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"I installed the 3D pdf plugin for Fusion 360 for trial and got immediately good results. I really like the ease of installation, the seamless integration and the parametric export options of this easy to use Plug-in! Furthermore, while trying to activate the license, I got a little issue linked to our internal corporate firewall settings. The extremely quick support from the ProtoTech Solutions customer team via their online chat system helped me to find resolution with clear and very effective guidance (literally within seconds !!!) ... Thank you a lot and ...keep up the good quality work!"

Luc Brandt,
Owens Corning (Corning Glass Works), Belgium
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"I found that ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor, among others that I tried, is the easiest to use and has all the attributes that I presently need."

Ken Smith,
Predicate Logic (USA)
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"Easy to use the application to generate high-quality 3D PDF. Good service and communication to Publisher. Thank you for the support."

Michael Ries,
DEFLEX (Germany)
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"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for Navisworks is a great plugin, good work. Navisworks OBJ exporter is a great plugin, good work. Thank you for your efforts ProtoTech."

Warnqvist Tomas,
NCC (Norway)
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"3DPDF Exporter for Inventor (Automation) is a wonderful product! It provides us a great help for implementing our solutions. Thank you very much ProtoTech for developing excellent product and for providing a fast and efficient support."

Folli Alessandro,
Interroll (Switzerland)
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"I have been using ProtoTech OBJ Exporter for a few weeks now and found it to be extremely useful. Now that AutoCAD 2019 no longer supports .fbx exporting, ProtoTech has filled that hole nicely. It’s quick and easy. I highly recommend it."

Jeff Beck,
Set Designer (USA)
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"I used 3D PDF Exporter software and I am glad to say that it does its job extremely well. I liked the software. I didn't find any drawbacks. Thank you for providing such good software."

Akshay Raut,
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"ProtoTech provided us A-class service for their product 3D Measure Up. It is a very user-friendly product for our prosthetist (provides automatic calculations). It is better cost wise too, as compared to other products being sold in the market!"

Iuri Feliciano,
Instituto de Especialidades Ortopédicas, S.L. (Spain)
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"The 3D Measurement Up solution proved to be the most effective tool for us in our mass data processing, the visualisation and evaluation of results in our full body scan project. We really appreciate this program's feature set and it helped us out tremendously in our development. We got quick responses from the support team as well!"

IGábor Tóth,
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd.
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"3D Measure Up is clear, works perfect and best compared to everything else in the market."

Fit Station Geneva

"It worked !!! ProtoTech's 3DPDF exporter for AutoCAD is a fantastic addon. There are different quality and precision settings available while others have default settings. It also helps in exported selected entities. Thank you very much for your support. Very much appreciated"

Michael Addotta,

"I've already bought the plugin and it's magical! No more problems exporting from Autocad... no more FBX or 3DS bad translations! I love it!"

Fabrizio Denna,

"Just used the plugin 'OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks' and it worked a charm. Easy to follow all the steps I got in the email from ProtoTech and very intuitive to use after installation"

Head of Product,

"ProtoTech's 3D PDF exporter Revit does everything perfectly. Paired with a clean, easy-to-understand friendly user interface, exporting a PDF in 3D format is really easy! I work on big, memory-heavy projects and I haven’t had any issues yet with anything. In addition, the support team assisted me quickly and efficiently. I’m overall very satisfied with the product!"

Elie Provencal,
Architectural technician & 3D Modeler,Vital Roy arpenteurs-géomètres Inc.

"I am very satisfied with ProtoTech's 3D PDF exporter for Revit, especially the ease of use and the excellent support team. The software is an excellent graphic tool for structural engineers to illustrate to the design architect or contractor the complex structural elements and how they interface with the architectural design requirements. The software offers optional settings for quality, file size, precision, and miscellaneous selections for reference to object properties and textures. I strongly recommend the software product for the consulting structural engineer utilizing Revit."

Sterling Smith,
President & Principal, Interface for Consulting Engineers, P.A.
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"I have been using the 3D PDF Exporter For Fusion360 for two years and am very satisfied. The program is very easy to use and creates accurate 3D PDF files. The renewal of my license worked perfectly and all messages were answered promptly. Very good service and keep it up.."

Dirk Meyer,
Interface for Consulting Engineers, P.A.
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"ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Fusion 360 plug-in provides an easy-to-understand way of viewing 3D drawings for colleagues and customers who don't have access to 3D CAD software or viewers, as everyone has a PDF reader. It's a fantastic plug-in, and I'm grateful for it."

Kenji Masumoto,
Technical consultant, PMT CORPORATION, Japan
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"Great Response time and resolution from the Prototech support team."

Alexander Machado
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"ProtoTech solutions provided us with the plugin JT Exporter for Revit, which helps us be able to not focus on what software different parties during a project use and instead they can use the software they believe is the best one for the task. Similarly, ProtoTech's plugin was the best one for us, it is user-friendly and if you have any problem the support will help you move forward at a high pace. In the future whenever there is a need we will first check in the market about ProtoTech Solutions plugins that solve our problems!"

Joakim Karlsson,
Area Manager,ZYNKA BIM AB
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"I have bought ProtoTech's plugin 'WebGL Exporter For Autodesk® 3ds Max®' to export from 3D Studio Max to HTML. My experience is very positive because it allows you to convert 3D files with your own materials. I use it regularly with my files. Thank you very much."

Agustín Balcázar Fernández,
Professor,Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
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"ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD is a great tool for exporting .obj from auto cad. It's also extremely simple to use! Plugin name: OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD"

Andrew Ware
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"We are very satisfied with ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor. Keep up the good work. 👍"

Marko Mlinarić,
CEO, Reflex Media
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"ProtoTech's STEP Exporter for Revit not only meets all the necessary requirements but also works incredibly fast. I was pleasantly surprised by the hassle-free installation process, which allowed me to get started with the software right away. "

Magdalena Kucharek,
Technical Coordinator, NG Engineering Sp. z o.o.