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  • Marcel Straßburg
  • Brendan Potter
  • Alexandre Clauss, CEO, 3D PASSION DU BOIS
  • Svenja Wilder
  • Jim Quanci
  • Ron Fritz
  • Bill Wallace
  • Michael McDonnell
  • Dave Peel

"I checked your preview and am very happy about the results in this short time, you have redesigned.I am surprised and glad to see, my feedback gets a serious effect on further developing your plugin immediately. This is an improvement, absolutely. Congratulations to you and your team, you rock"

Marcel Straßburg, RH Industrieservice & Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

"ProtoTech's GLTF exporter plugin for SolidWorks has been a useful tool in giving me a solution to share 3D designs across various platforms with customers. This has given us the ability to create photo-realistic renderings of designs using a cost-effective plugin that provides an alternative to more expensive alternate license upgrades. The seamless integration with SolidWorks and the intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to use. The exported GLTF files maintain the quality and detail of our original designs, and compatibility with various 3D applications and platforms has been flawless. It's a reliable and essential addition to our toolkit."

Marcel Straßburg, eZi Controls Product Manager ,iLED

"I recently purchased ProtoTech's 'glTF Exporter For Fusion 360' plugin for my E-Commerce website, and I'm incredibly impressed with the support I received from the ProtoTech Solutions team. They worked hard to fulfill my specific requirement of exporting 3D 'bas-relief' pictures directly to my website. Their quick and accurate feedback, along with their excellent follow-up and dedication, was truly impressive. Thanks to this amazing plugin, I can now save time and effortlessly export files in the right format for WooCommerce. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the ProtoTech Solutions team. Your plugin and outstanding support have exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"

Alexandre Clauss, CEO, 3D PASSION DU BOIS

"ProtoTech's STEP Exporter for AutoCAD has transformed my design workflow. With its seamless integration, intuitive interface, and exceptional accuracy, exporting my designs to STEP format has never been easier. The plugin's versatility and reliable customer support make it a must-have tool for any CAD professional."

Svenja Wilder, Project Manager, addonplus

“ProtoTech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner. As an early adopter of Forge, ProtoTech is now a leader delivering Autodesk customers development services using Forge. Naming ProtoTech an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision. They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with ground breaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data - powered by Forge.”

Jim Quanci, Sr. Director / Autodesk Developer Network

"Our relationship with ProtoTech has been highly beneficial to many ISV’s using TS3D components. By providing high-value development services to complement our rich components, the team at ProtoTech helps engineering ISV’s build better software, faster. Based on our experience we would recommend them highly as a services partner for any engineering software project."

Ron Fritz, CEO / Tech Soft 3D

"ProtoTech Solutions is a critical asset for my small, bootstrapped startup. When you are using agencies and freelancers for major development projects, you quickly learn there are big differences in the quality of available services. With ProtoTech, starting with their initial proposal, it was evident they are clearly a best-in-class organization. They delivered on every point of the proposal on time and showed an incredible depth of expertise in their domain. I consider them a valuable partner, not just a vendor."

Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO / AR Mavericks, Inc.

"We have found ProtoTech to be an outstanding partner. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to delivering on time & on budget is second to none."

Michael McDonnell / Configure One ,United States

"ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization is top notch. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. I strongly recommend ProtoTech and feel fortunate to be their partner."

Dave Peel, President / Microvellum, Inc.


Mesh Quality

Control to adjust mesh quality from preferences dialog.

Encrypt PDF

Password-protect the exported PDF file.


1. Properties
2. Supporting documents like STL, STEP file etc as attachment to the 3DPDF.
3. Model assembly tree.

More Features

1. Default compression which helps to reduce the file size as much as possible
2. Password-protect the exported PDF file
3. Merge 3D PDF files

More Features

1. Embed 3D Model to your existing PDF.
2. Supports face level colors

More Features

1. Option to control the file size and quality by specifying the precision value
2. Supports Navisworks Manage & Navisworks Simulate Application

Demo Video