Client’s vision is based around the notion that natural light is required to live a healthy and productive life. But the ordinary window is far from optimized, to provide it. View’s smart glass windows let in natural light and views and thus helps to enhance mental and physical well-being by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain and drowsiness.

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Milpitas, California


ProtoTech developed a custom viewer in Forge platform for 3D navigation, in order  to manage View Dynamic Glasses. This viewer works with the AutoDesk Revit files. This Web-based UI uses the AutoDesk Forge APIs and the AutoDesk Viewer, to present 3D navigation to the end user. The main features of this custom viewer are: 

  • Depiction of the state of glass (Tint stage 1-4, glass in transition) 
  • The ability to pick groups of IGUs (windows, doors, skylights) in Zones or by WC (Window Controller)
  • Custom UI controls specific to View dynamic glass use case scenarios. For example, rotate around selected glass units and detect the current location of the camera, whether it is inside / outside the building, and switch the location as defined by the user.


Technologies: VB.Net, WinForms, Javascript, Node.js etc



  • Writing modular code so that it can be integrated quickly into existing software’s large code base.
  • Switching camera position between inside / outside of the building.
  • Adjusting camera to look at and rotate around the selected entities only.


ProtoTech’s expertise in Forge platform, Forge APIs and 3D vector algebra helped ‘view’ to implement the features for end users within the scheduled time.


Your work ‘supporting the placement of 3D dimensions manually as well as automatically, for existing Eyeshot based software.’ was perfect.

I am happy and I hope to continue working with your team. Thanks for your support.

-Gustavo Vigo, Owner- ddbexpress Engineering & Software.

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