Want to become a good software tester? Here are the 10 traits that can make you one

Want to become a good software tester? Here are the 10 traits that can make you one

What do you think are the quality attributes of a good tester?

The question still clangs in my mind as this was the first question I was asked at the beginning of the interview. Before going to the technical details of testing it is very much important to acquire the basic characteristics required for the tester.

Software testers are the very important part of any IT company or you can say, they are the backbone of the company as they are the one who can give assurance about the quality outcome of a project/product; they are one of the most responsible persons in releasing the project.

There are no specific guidelines to become a great software tester, but there are definitely some qualities that can help you test better and with precision. Here are some of the traits that can help you become a great software tester:

  1.  Creative Mind: This is one of the primary quality or can say the necessity of any testing professional. Testers need to think and visualize beyond what is written in software requirement. They should be able to think how the end user can misuse the software.
  2. Think out of the box: Testers should be curious enough to think or to determine the problem in the areas where no one else can even think to work on.
  3. Time Management: As we all know testing is a never ending process so every tester should be able to decide and should also be able to allocate proper time to a particular functionality according to its priority.
  4. Able to convey negative things in a positive way: Now you might be thinking why is this necessary? A tester needs to learn the tactics to deal with everyone around and need to be good at communication. No one would ever like if you tell them they are wrong but if you are telling the same thing in a more optimistic manner then, definitely no one would deny rectifying it:).
  5. Open listener: Listen to everyone even though you have good domain knowledge and even if you are the head of the project because there is always a scope of improvement. And you never know when and at which point of time whose suggestion will prove to be a milestone for that project or can help to deliver a bug-free software.
  6. Ensure end user gratification: Always think about the user’s fulfillment and happiness. Don’t just stop by testing only the standard requirements. Always explore the software because end user will be happy if and only if, we deliver them the error-free software or product.
  7. Have questioning attitude: Don’t believe that the build given by developers is always defected free. Question everything. Having a suspicious attitude is not at all bad here. Test everything by yourself and then say yes!! The software is error-free now.
  8. Keep learning new things: Testing can be challenging sometimes because it is not only about having full knowledge of particular thing but also keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies, tools and also able to create new things.
  9. Able to co-relate everyday scenarios: When you co-relate testing with real life, it’s easy to find bugs. Make a habit to think or create test cases about everyday scenarios like, how to test a pen, how to test a Stapler, how to test an aeroplane, fruits etc and here you go….see how it helps you in testing your software! It will, in turn, help your mind to constantly create ideas which will ultimately help you to test effectively and relate testing with practical things.
  10. Keen Observer: It is very important for a good tester to have the track of the minor as well as major project related things which are being discussed. As it is important to time be updated with user requirement or functional changes.

I think like a tester we should always remember this quote:

Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with the software.

So Always be awake!!!

Hope this article helps you to know the quality attributes of a tester! If not then you can always contact us at ProtoTech Solutions to know more about the qualities.








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