Why ProtoTech’s ‘JT Exporter for AutoCAD’ ?

Why ProtoTech’s ‘JT Exporter for AutoCAD’ ?

What is JT ?

The Jupiter Tessellation (JT) is a 3D data format which corresponds to an ISO standard. It’s utilized for product visualization, collaboration, CAD data exchange, and for long-term data retention. It contains a combination of approximate data, boundary representation surfaces, product and manufacturing information, and metadata which is extrapolated from a native CAD system or inserted by a product data management system.

Why JT Exporter for AutoCAD Plugin ?

JT Exporter for Autodesk® AutoCAD is CAD translation software which allows users to export AutoCAD drawing into a JT file on the local system. 

Fig 1. Exported Model with JT Exporter for AutoCAD

Features of ProtoTech’s JTExporter:

1. Easy User Interface:
ProtoTech’s JT Exporter for AutoCAD has a user-friendly interface that is very efficiently designed GUI, keeping in mind the user’s workflow.

2. Color export:
The plugin provides a useful feature to export color. Using which users can export colors present in AutoCAD models to a JT file.

Fig 2. Color is exported to JT file

3. Export of VizRep and Brep models supported:

ProtoTech’s JT Exporter supports writing both, B-rep data and viz-rep data in a JT file.  

  • Brep refers to Boundary Representation
  • Vizrep refers to Visual Representation

Fig 3. Export of vizrep and brep model supported

4. JT Versions Compatibility:

ProtoTech’s JT Exporter supports writing JT file version from 6.4 to 10.5 

Fig 4. JT Export version  from 6.4 to 10.5

5. Supports export of Viz-rep data with different Facet resolutions:

ProtoTech’s JT Exporter supports writing Viz-rep data in JT file using different facet resolutions. Users can control Facet Resolution range from Lowest to Highest.

Fig 5. Select Facet Resolution ranging from Lowest to Highest

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