For engineering enterprises, TIME and QUALITY are always at a premium and so anything that optimizes either is welcome. The way forward is working collaboratively across the organization to streamline designs, processes, workflows, and structures for the best outcome.  At ProtoTech we understand these challenges and demands because we have been designing, developing and implementing bespoke CAD/ CAE software solutions for our global clients for over a decade. Publishing and repository platforms like Sketchfab are changing the engineering landscape by not only providing features that can create and share 3D models but also by making them downloadable and thus printable as well.  Team Prototech has worked with Sketchfab and also developed Sketchfab Publisher which makes it easier to publish models directly from SolidWorks and Inventor environment.  We have helped our clients in customizing and automating 3D models Upload on sketchfab. Let’s know more about Sketchfab!


Sketchfab is one of the fastest growing 3D and VR repository of 3D and VR content with over 750k 3D files being shared regularly.  Sketchfab’s main product is the ‘3D model viewer” which is based on WebGL JavaScript API and uses open source OSG.JS JavaScript library. It allows display of 3D models on different devices like mobile or VR headset without any additional plugins if the browser supports WebGL.That’s not all; users can view all their own content using VR with the help of WebVR.

Sketchfab for engineering enterprises!

Sketchfab offers Classic and PBR renderings. The textures are images which can be mapped to the surface of the model and can also be uploaded with the model file.
Texture manager can be used for adding more textures while 3 types of texture wrap models can be used for wrapping a surface with a texture.
Compressed versions of every texture are created to keep the file size down and textures are reprocessed whenever the material settings are changed.
Sketchfab allows using 3rd Party rendering engines to bake materials and upload to Sketchfab automatically.
3D Animated files can be uploaded and played on Sketchfab
3D model Upload in Sketchfab

Sketchfab supports thirty 3D formats and these can be directly uploaded on or with one of the Sketchfab exporters.  That’s not all, upload to Sketchfab option is built into many content creation tools for more convenience. In case Sketchfab does not support it, it can be exported to one of the formats supported by Sketchfab. Once uploaded models can either be embedded on any webpage or shared on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Word press etc.

ProtoTech’s expertise with the Sketchfab upload.

While Sketchfab is a robust platform making sharing of 3D files easy, we have developed a niche expertise in model upload automation and customization on Sketchfab. Team ProtoTech can help organizations save precious time by customizing certain Sketchfab through APIs. Very often, after uploading the file on Sketchfab, users need to customize the model to their specific settings of scene, environment, lights and many others. We have automated this process so that in the single click you can get the desired settings, HTML file output. One can choose, which kind of elements are to be made transparent.

Following features can be customized:

Scene Settings:

-Camera position & -Camera Field Of View




-Background Color, Environment and default four images

-Post Processing Filter

Light Settings:

-Light & Light Properties

-Environment Type, Orientation and Brightness

VR Settings:


-Initial Camera

-Floor Height

Embed 3D content in HTML file

Team ProtoTech is ever ready to take up challenges and push the boundaries; we would love to assist you in doing more with less for the best outcomes! Call our experts today and let’s work on Sketchfab together!

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