HOOPS Communicator – A complete toolkit for all

HOOPS Communicator – A complete toolkit for all

IDC has predicted that by 2019 SaaS delivery will grow nearly five times faster than the traditional software product delivery and emerge as a significant growth driver to all functional software markets. Cloud CAD/simulation solutions as SaaS offer number of industry-specific advantages to CAD/CAE users, therefore, it’s no surprise that engineering apps are fast moving to cloud. There is the number of cloud-based 3D toolkits in the market today and each comes with its unique features and advantages. BIMsync for example, is specifically designed for collaboration in the construction industry, HOOPS Communicator allows developers to view and interact with more than 20 CAD and BIM formats within a browser or mobile apps while View & Data  API (by Autodesk) allows you to view, mark up, print, and track changes to 2D and 3D files without the original design software and Kisters 3D View station Web Viewer  helps you get high performance even for low-performance devices and narrow bandwidths.

At ProtoTech, we have acquired our expertise in designing, developing and implementing bespoke   CAD/ CAE software solutions for our global clients. It was in 2005 when our Cofounders Rajesh Bhartiya and Shilpa Bhartiya embarked on this journey with our first client Tech Soft 3D. We have since been working on Tech Soft 3D products like HOOPS Visualize, HOOPS Publish, HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Sdk and of course the latest product – HOOPS Communicator. We have integrated HOOPS toolkits in several applications with complete success and more recently worked with HOOPS Communicator for developing different cloud-based engineering applications.

A quick look at the new HOOPS Communicator.

This latest offering from TechSoft 3D is all about speed and simplicity. HOOPS communicator allows developers to view and interact with more than 20 CAD and BIM formats within a browser, mobile apps or Acrobat Reader.  Here’s what HOOPS communicator can do for you.

  • Fast, Comprehensive 3D CAD Translation, Web Viewing, and Sharing
  • Streaming – saves precious time particularly when working with large and complex data sets as it allows users to quickly interact with huge models through intelligent and highly optimized streaming of CAD data to the browser
  • Scalability –its scalable server architecture simplifies session management. Users can also have multiple viewing sessions distributed over many servers
  • Multi-environment Visualization – the web viewer is feature rich and runs as a zero-client application on different devices and the server –side rendering is seamlessly integrated into the viewer, allowing viewing of complex models even on low-end devices
  • Customization – Create workflows by linking each object in the 3D model with critical information such as part number, vendor, and price and inventory availability

Our successes with HOOPS Communicator

Team ProtoTech is always on a lookout to try out new things and innovate new or easier ways of doing things.  In our quest for optimizing resources and outcomes, we have not just integrated but also enhanced many functionalities around HOOPS Communicator. 

Additional Measurement & Precision features.

CAD is all about details and exact measurements. We realized the need for a specialized precision system which would take care of multiple activities at the same time. Team ProtoTech successfully added various new measurement features which included –

  • Edge Highlighting,
  • Curve Selection,
  • Identical parts selection,
  • Define cutting plane in different directions,
  • Point Snapping,
  • Plane Snapping,
  • Improved markups for Radius and diameter measurements,
  • enhanced PMI interactions and many more.


It is most useful for Business domains such as Manufacturing, Inspection, Aerospace, Military, etc. where precision in product specification plays an important role.

3D Model comparison system.

Understanding the need for side by side comparison for certain 3D models, we set out to develop a comparison tool which would allow greater flexibility in viewing and correlation to users.Using  HOOPS communicator, we built a functionality which would allow side by side comparison of 3D Models. That’s not all; the tool also allows an Overlay view (overlap) of two models for easier comparison. Comparing two models which are not properly aligned or oriented is challenging and thus, our team developed a mechanism where users can do Plane Alignment of 2 models or realign the models as per their needs. Last but not least, we enabled Distance Translate or rotate as well in our functionality.

Our Experience with HOOPS Communicator.

HOOPS communicator is one of the good options available for building compelling cloud-based applications. You’ll get rich web and mobile visualization, accurate and fast CAD data exchange. In addition, you will benefit from an infrastructure built to support the needs of 3D applications in a fully connected world. HOOPS communicator is thus a complete toolkit supporting all major MCAD formats.

Whether you envision an application that renders in a browser, from a server, on a mobile device, via a thick client or any combination, HOOPS Communicator will enable you to get a high-quality 3D product to market quickly.

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