To develop a virtual mall where users can navigate through it along with their friends and families located at different locations across the globe for shopping purposes.

Domain: AR/VR

Location: USA

Fig: A global virtual shopping mall


  • The challenge was to deliver a very realistic experience to the user – the shopper walking through a virtual mall.
  • Choosing the right technology components early in the design process was very critical. The company relied on ProtoTech’s experience to decide the technology stack for the implementation of this project.


Experts at ProtoTech have collective experience of decades of staff years working with almost all the technologies used today for BIM, 3D Visualization and AR/VR. It was easy for us to pick a few based on the client requirements and then work towards building proof of concept and the design documents. We played a key role in helping the client make the decision.

  • MVP development for building virtual real estate – specifically a shopping mall.
  • Metaverse concept – multiple shoppers could walk through the mall together and also interact with each other while shopping.
  • Virtual events, gatherings, launches are possible. Brands could set up shops. We researched technology components, built mini prototypes and created the architecture and project plan.

Fig: BIM, 3D Visualization and AR/VR

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