Founded in 2001, Transmagic is an integrated CAD translator which can open, view and query any major 3D CAD format in the world. Translation of CAD models to polygonal, neutral and native formats is supported.

Company Name
TransMagic Inc.

CAD/CAM solutions


To support the import and export functionality of various CAD and Polygonal formats using different standard toolkits.


  • Investigated to select compatible toolkit. 
  • Mapped toolkit entities with renderer entities and render data of the imported model.
  • Mapped the rendered data with the different file structures that we want to export.

TransMagic Supported Read/Write formats: Below is a list of import/export file formats that have been developed using 3rd party toolkits. Fig 1. Is diagrammatic representation for the same.

File Format Extension
AutoCAD Reader & Writer .dwg, .dxf
Microstation Reader .dgn
SOLIDWORKS Reader & Writer .sldprt, .sldasm
SMLib Reader & Writer .sms, .iwb, .iwp
XCGM Reader & Writer .xcgm
VDA-FS Reader & Writer .vda
3DXML Reader & Writer .3dxml
3D PDF Writer .pdf
Collada Reader & Writer .dae
POD Reader & Writer .pod
U3D Reader & Writer .u3d
WebGL Writer .html
GLTF Reader & Writer .gltf, .glb
FBX Reader & Writer .fbx
3MF Reader & Writer .3mf

Fig1: Transmagic Translation formats supported by Prototech

Language: C++


  • Integrated translation software that supports multiple CAD file formats for import and export.
  • PMI import is supported along with geometry data.

Thank you for doing such a great job – we’re very excited about this new product and our Prototech team. We’ve got a winner here.

–Craig Dennis, CTO / TransMagic Inc.

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CAD translator that can open, view, and query any 3D format