Transmagic is an integrated CAD translator which can open, view and query any major 3D CAD format, in the world. It also provides a CAD comparison tool along with the translation. The CAD Comparison solution provided by the TransMagic is known as MagicCheck.

Company Name
TransMagic Inc.

CAD/CAM solutions


To implement algorithms for MagicCheck Color Mapping and Dot Rendering.


We finalized the algorithm by verifying multiple models with different test cases.

CAD Comparison is one of the most important and least understood areas in design and engineering today. In the MagicCheck project, we implemented the algorithm which is capable of facilitating the comparison of multiple 3D models, highlighting their differences, and producing reports in nearly any context required.

Two types of CAD comparisons implemented:

Part To Part: One can authenticate two parts, comparing the original master model and the derived check model to determine how close they are.

Fig.1: Passed Validation

Fig.2: Failed Validation

Point To Part: CMM and other scanning devices return a list of X, Y, & Z points of physical prototypes or production parts. Using Point to Part Comparison, these points can be compared to the original CAD master model to see how closely the physical model matches. The colored ‘heat map’ from below snap (fig.3) shows which points are within the specified tolerance, which are penetrated inside and which are outside of the model.

Fig.3: Point to Part Analysis

Language: C++


  • Useful for authentication of CAD models.
  • CAD models can be compared within specified tolerances.
  • Reports can generated for comparison results.

Thank you for doing such a great job – we’re very excited about this new product and our Prototech team. We’ve got a winner here.

–Craig Dennis, CTO / TransMagic Inc.

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