Ensuring Excellence: Quality Assurance in TransMagic's CAD File Conversions and Functionality

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TransMagic is a software application available for a fee, designed to assist in converting computer-aided design files between various native file formats. During the translation process, TransMagic utilizes a technique known as “geometry mapping” to precisely transfer data from one CAD kernel to another. To guarantee smooth and flawless conversions, TransMagic tackles potential problems like “stitching errors” by employing a range of techniques. These techniques involve rectifying surfaces that may slightly overlap or be misaligned, eliminating duplicate control points, and removing redundant vertices.


Westminster, USA


  • Advancing TransMagic:

    Enhancing Functionality and Operations for Optimal Performance.

  • Thorough Testing for Excellence:

    Application, Functionality, Unit, Regression, and Enhancement Testing in Action.

  • Refining User Experience:

    Development and Testing of Application Code, Empowering CAD Operations, and Import/Export Functionality to Meet User Demands.


Fig. Forge viewer with Revit file loaded



  • Enabling Seamless Import and Export:

    Facilitating CAD and Polygonal Format Compatibility with Diverse Standard Toolkits.

  • Comprehensive Testing for Functionality and Feature Integration:

    Assessing Import and Export Combinations in the Application.

  • Empowering CAD Model Enhancement:

    Gathering Requirements and Implementing New Operations.

  • Precision in CAD Model Transformation:

    Applying Accurate Mathematical and Algorithmic Calculations for Post-Modification CAD Transformations.


  • We delved deeply into CAD codes, gaining a thorough understanding and uncovering valuable development ideas.

  • Throughout our process, we conducted rigorous testing across multiple scenarios to ensure that all functionalities were thoroughly validated.

  • As part of our approach, we successfully implemented an API specifically designed for regression testing purposes.

  • During that time, we diligently maintained accurate and up-to-date documents and testing reports to support ongoing maintenance efforts.

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    Utilization of Zendesk Bug Base

    For Issue Tracking and Management


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