Development of a 3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD

Development of a 3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD

About our Client

Our Client, a software developer, is launching a series of 3D PDF exporters on different CAD platforms. The company is backed by CAD Industry Veterans.


Domain : CAD
Location: Bend, Oregon, US
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Business Challenge:

In the last decade of working in the field of visualization ProtoTech Solutions have witnessed a plethora of 3D file formats. On the one hand some are rich, but proprietary, and on the other hand some are simple, but too large. Some are readable, others need software development kits (SDKs) to access. Amongst all these, 3D PDF has emerged as a leading format containing the best features of all of them and delivering the most benefits. 3D PDF Technology is the most commonly accepted standard in collaborative Business processes. Organizations worldwide receive greater operational efficiency and
freedom from having a specific CAD platform to view the shared Models. Our client’s specific challenge was to develop a 3D PDF exporter for AutoCAD


Working closely with the client, the team at ProtoTech developed a comprehensive specification document. Once the specifications were done, the team worked on the development and provided daily updates on the project progress. The client and the team both decided to use a proprietary SDK (software development kit) to develop the 3D PDF exporter for AutoCAD. The client provided all the licences and timely suggestions based on the updates.

3D PDF features:

The 3D PDF plugin developed by ProtoTech supports 3D Models, model tree, layers, captures/views, PMI, B-Rep, colors, blocks, password protection, etc. in PRC file format. The 3D PDF exported by the plugin contains almost all the information displayed in AutoCAD. Moreover it also presents the information in the same format as AutoCAD. Users can turn on/off layers to view entities from specific layers. All of these give end users greater flexibility in sharing the models. Many organisations including major Military/Aerospace companies have already added 3D PDFs as standards for archiving and sharing.

Project Execution:

  • The team held weekly update meetings and provided daily progress reports.
  • The team assigned the development task themselves so there were no managerial overhead costs for the client.
  •  The team’s prior expertise on 3D visualization and 3D PDF was key in the overall product development
  •  The client appreciated the timely delivery and suggestions made by the team


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