Unlocking New Possibilities: Exploring the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks

Unlocking New Possibilities: Exploring the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks

OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks


SolidWorks, a leading CAD software, empowers designers and engineers to bring their creative ideas to life. While SolidWorks offers a robust set of features, there are instances when users may need to export their models to other file formats for various purposes, such as 3D printing, visualization, or collaboration with different software. In such cases, the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks comes to the rescue. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits of this powerful plugin and how it can unlock new possibilities for SolidWorks users.

  1. Seamlessly Export to the OBJ Format:

The OBJ Exporter plugin seamlessly integrates with the SolidWorks interface, providing a simple and intuitive workflow for exporting models to the OBJ file format. OBJ is a widely recognized file format used for 3D printing, visualization, and interoperability between different software applications. With the OBJ Exporter, SolidWorks users can effortlessly convert their models while maintaining the integrity of geometry, textures, and colors.

  1. Preserve Geometry and Visual Fidelity:

When exporting SolidWorks models to OBJ, accuracy and visual fidelity are of utmost importance. The OBJ Exporter ensures that the exported OBJ files accurately represent the geometry, dimensions, and topology of the original SolidWorks designs. Additionally, textures, materials, and colors associated with the models are preserved, allowing for a seamless transition to visualization or 3D printing workflows.

  1. Enhance Collaboration and Compatibility:

The OBJ Exporter opens up new avenues for collaboration with users of different 3D modeling software. By exporting to the OBJ format, SolidWorks users can easily share their designs with colleagues, clients, or partners who may not have access to SolidWorks. OBJ files are supported by a wide range of applications, making it easier to exchange and collaborate on projects seamlessly.

  1. Customizable Export Settings:

The OBJ Exporter offers customizable export settings, giving users control over various parameters during the export process. Users can adjust the level of detail, choose specific units of measurement, and define export options tailored to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the exported OBJ files align perfectly with the desired output and project needs.

  1. Explore New Possibilities:

By utilizing the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks, users can unlock new possibilities and expand the capabilities of their designs. OBJ files are compatible with a vast array of applications, ranging from 3D printers to rendering software and virtual reality platforms. Exporting to OBJ format allows users to leverage these tools and explore advanced visualization, physical prototyping, or virtual reality experiences.


The OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks is a valuable plugin that empowers users to extend the capabilities of their CAD workflow. By seamlessly exporting models to the OBJ file format, users can explore new avenues of collaboration, 3D printing, and visualization. Preserving geometry accuracy, textures, and colors ensures a smooth transition from SolidWorks to other software applications. Whether you are a designer, engineer, or enthusiast, the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks opens up a world of possibilities to bring your designs to life in exciting and innovative ways.

ProtoTech Solutions is a software development company dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of SolidWorks. Their innovative product, the OBJ Exporter for SolidWorks, empowers SolidWorks users to seamlessly export their models to the OBJ file format. By ensuring accurate geometry representation and preserving textures and colors, ProtoTech Solutions enables designers and engineers to unlock new possibilities for 3D printing, visualization, and cross-platform collaboration. With a user-friendly interface and customizable export settings, their OBJ Exporter streamlines workflows and expands the reach of SolidWorks designs.

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