Precision and Efficiency Through ML: 3D Measure Up Revolutionizes Industries

3D Measure Up

3D Measure Up, a ground-breaking solution is transforming industries such as apparel, orthotics, and fitness by delivering unparalleled precision measurements and identifying essential landmarks on 3D objects. With its comprehensive range of measurement parameters, including distances, girths, heights, and volumes, 3D Measure Up is a true game-changer across multiple sectors. By streamlining the measurement process and eliminating the need for manual efforts, this cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionize prosthetics, manufacturing, healthcare, and numerous other fields.




Utilizing complex geometry algorithms, sophisticated ML techniques, image processing, cloud architecture, and 3D graphics, 3D Measure Up swiftly and accurately identifies body features and calculates measurements. The system offers automatic alignment, customized landmarks, and precise measurements derived from 3D body scans. Furthermore, users can conveniently export these measurements in CSV, PDF, and HTML formats. The software is compatible with all types of scanners.

3D body scans
Body Measurement Accuracy

Fig 1. Postures


  • Misalignment Impacting Measurement Accuracy:
  • Misaligned body scans can led to incorrect measurements
  • Precision and reliability of body measurements were compromised
  • Applications such as custom clothing, fitness tracking, and medical assessments are affected
  • Disruption of Automated Processes:
  • Proper scan alignment is crucial for automated processes
  • Misalignment disrupts landmark identification and feature extraction.
  • Understanding Fused Body Parts:
  • Fusion is a result of overlapping or close proximity between different body parts.
  • Accurately measuring and analyzing individual segments was challenging.
  • Fused body parts hindered the identification of specific landmarks or features.
  • Obtaining precise measurements for individual body segments became difficult.
Body shapes
Body shapes
Body shapes

Fig 2. Body shapes


  • Body Orientation and Variation:

    During scanning, we assessed the body’s orientation, identified primary features, and noted angle variations across 30 scans of different shapes, sizes, and poses.

  • Manual Back Measurements:

    To ensure accuracy, we initially took manual measurements of the back before employing automated measurement techniques.

  • Resolving Model Alignment:

    Despite challenges in model alignment using automated methods, we successfully resolved this issue by implementing the best fit plane method for precise alignment.

  • Impact of Natural Body Postures:

    Addressing the impact of natural body postures on automatic measurement involved developing robust algorithms that adapted to different poses, accurately capturing body dimensions. Advanced machine learning and image processing techniques compensated for posture variations, enhancing precision and reliability.

  • Fused Body Parts:

    Employing advanced machine learning and image processing, we successfully detected and segmented fused regions within 3D scans. This allowed for accurate identification of landmarks and measurements by analyzing boundaries and contours, facilitating individual body part analysis.

Fig 3. Postures


  • Enhanced Accuracy:

The high-precision measurements provided by 3D Measure Up eliminated the margin of error inherent in manual measurement methods. This led to improved quality control, reduced rework, and minimized wastage of resources.

  • Time and Cost Savings:

The swift data capture and analysis capabilities of the system significantly reduced measurement time, enabling faster decision-making and quicker product development cycles. This, in turn, led to substantial cost savings and increased overall productivity.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction:

With the enhanced accuracy and reliability of their measurements, fitness apparel companies experienced a notable improvement in customer satisfaction.

  • Unparalleled Accuracy:

By harnessing the power of ML, the system achieved unparalleled accuracy in measuring intricate geometries. The ML algorithms adapted to variations in shapes, textures, and lighting conditions, significantly reducing measurement errors and ensuring precise results.

  • Automated Analysis:

The ML capabilities of 3D Measure Up enabled automated analysis of the collected data. The system learned from patterns and trends, enabling it to identify defects, anomalies, or deviations from specifications automatically.

  • Cost Savings and ROI:

By reducing measurement errors, automating analysis, and improving efficiency, industries can cut down on their cost. The reduced scrap rates, improved quality control, and enhanced productivity resulted in a higher return on investment (ROI) for their technology implementation.


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“I am extremely pleased with ProtoTech Solutions! The customer service is excellent and the “3D Measure Up” software is really “AMAZING!” I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a company that can produce fast and accurate partial body, as well as full-body measurements. Their software really helped us to a great extent in getting the precise leg measurements which further accelerated the manufacturing process of custom braces, orthotics.”

-Eli Hillstrom C.Ped
Forward Motion, USA


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