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The GeoTag add-on is a specialized extension designed for Civil 3D, offering a unique capability for placing georeferenced tags, also known as blocks, within a georeferenced drawing. During the guided placement process, users input particular attribute data, such as text and hyperlinks, during block insertion. Most importantly, the add-on automatically sends the attributes of the newly placed block as well as the geolocation information to the AR Mavericks online cloud server. In essence, the GeoTag add-on enhances Civil 3D by streamlining the placement of georeferenced tags, and its integration with the AR Mavericks online cloud server via API ensures a smooth transfer of data for further processing or analysis.




  • Insert Custom Tags: Implemented a functionality in Civil 3D that empowers users to strategically insert personalized tags or blocks at designated positions within their models. This feature facilitates the seamless integration of custom elements into the design.
  • Retrieve Geo Coordinates: Facilitated the retrieval of geographic coordinates linked to the inserted tags, enriching the model with essential geographical context. This enhancement provides users with valuable spatial information, enhancing the overall utility and precision of the model.
Retrieve Geo Coordinates

Fig1. Tag Insertion

Comprehending Tags and Geographic Maps


  • Comprehending Tags and Geographic Maps: Navigating the complexities of custom tags and geographic maps to establish a profound understanding, ensuring the accurate integration of data.
  • Retrieving Essential Data: Streamlining the process of fetching required data from the geographic map for the inserted tags, aiming for the efficient provision of precise geographic information.


  • Custom APIs Development: Crafted specialized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) tailored to facilitate the smooth transmission of both geographical and tag data to a designated server. This innovation streamlined the exchange and storage of data seamlessly.
  • Custom User Interface (UI): Constructed an intuitively designed interface within the AutoCAD environment, elevating the overall user experience. Additionally, a command-line alternative was implemented to cater to users who prefer a text-based input approach.
  • Civil 3D UI Integration: Engineered features enabling users to directly input names and supplementary information into the custom tags, all within the AutoCAD interface.
  • Scalability and Rotation Features: Introduced functionality allowing users to scale and rotate custom tags, providing enhanced flexibility in both tag placement and orientation.
Custom APIs Development

Fig2. Adding the Attribute to the Tag


The AR Mavericks GeoTag project successfully delivered an integrated solution for AutoCAD users to enhance their design and mapping projects.

The project’s feature for scaling and rotation of custom tags allows users to manipulate the orientation and size of tags as needed.

This project simplified the process of inserting custom tags within AutoCAD models and retrieving precise geographic coordinates.

Users can now gain a more comprehensive understanding of their designs by incorporating geographic context.


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