Enhance your gaming experience with top-notch Game Testing Services. Our skilled team of testers rigorously assesses gameplay, identifies bugs, and ensures smooth functionality across platforms. Get ready to launch a flawless gaming masterpiece. Level up your game quality with our comprehensive testing solutions.


Unique Expertise

Unique Expertise

Our testers are hardcore gamers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies.
Enjoyable Experience

Enjoyable Experience

Our professional QA experts provide high-quality game testing service keeping in mind players get seamless, interactive, & unforgettable experience at every stage.
Professional Testers

Professional Testers

Our testers provide informative and detailed daily reports which helps our clients to stay updated about the project progress, defects etc.
Technical Equipment

Technical Equipment

Extensive test laboratory for carrying out hardware/console testing.
Consistent Performance

Consistent Performance

18+ years of Game testing experience on various platforms.
Happy Customers

Happy Customers

We are rendering game testing services from last 11 years to Roblox, with 100% satisfaction and 100% retention.
Our Customer-Obsessed Approach

Our Customer-Obsessed Approach

Makes us put forth your business needs, hence guarantee you transparency of game testing methods, reasonable pricing and high-grade results.
Our Dedication

Our Dedication

We strive to provide our clients an end product which will be well-functioning, intuitive and enjoyable for our client’s target audience.



Want your game to be interactive and appealing? Usability testing will help to define whether game is enjoyable for your users, whether all functions, buttons, or settings are placed conveniently.

To ensure all game functions work properly.

Comprehensively test game on ‘all’ the possible platform combinations(OS, Hardware, Browser, Databases & Displays) prior to production, to provide a uniform gaming experience.

Test game with multiple combinations of software & hardware & find the optimal configurations that the game can work without any flaws or bugs.

We take care thousands of server requests are handled painlessly, while processing tons of user data.

We make sure that most important game features work.

We make sure that most important game features work.

As gaming system often changes(new parts and functionality are often added), we perform exploratory testing by doing illogical actions as sometimes user don’t follow instructions. Hence we make sure game handles such behavior.

We run the game for prolonged periods time in various modes of operation, as idling, paused etc. Thus issues like detect memory leaks or rounding errors that manifest only over time are detected.

Want your game to be interactive and appealing? Usability testing will help to define whether game is enjoyable for your users, whether all functions, buttons, or settings are placed conveniently.

Errors in linguistic conversion, logic and cultural considerations, make technical corrections and review translation work of game scripts catalogued collections.

Ensure security of user sensitive data provided to the game server during registration. Perform bunch of force attacks on the server and define whether your game is unbreakable and secure enough for your potential users.

You can never ensure be sure of the browser your players may use hence our testers make sure that your game works consistently with the existing version of the browser along with OS compatibility.

Web applications play a crucial role in today's digital landscape, serving as the backbone of various online services and businesses. To ensure a seamless user experience and maintain the integrity of web applications, rigorous testing is essential.



  • Jim Quanci, Sr. Director
    Jim Quanci, Sr. Director , Autodesk Developer Network

    “ProtoTech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner. As an early adopter of Forge, ProtoTech is now a leader delivering Autodesk customers development services using Forge. Naming ProtoTech an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision. They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with ground breaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data - powered by Forge.”

  • Ron Fritz, CEO
    Ron Fritz, CEO , Tech Soft 3D

    "Our relationship with ProtoTech has been highly beneficial to many ISV’s using TS3D components. By providing high-value development services to complement our rich components, the team at ProtoTech helps engineering ISV’s build better software, faster. Based on our experience we would recommend them highly as a services partner for any engineering software project."

  • Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO
    Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO, AR Mavericks, Inc.

    "ProtoTech Solutions is a critical asset for my small, bootstrapped startup. When you are using agencies and freelancers for major development projects, you quickly learn there are big differences in the quality of available services. With ProtoTech, starting with their initial proposal, it was evident they are clearly a best-in-class organization. They delivered on every point of the proposal on time and showed an incredible depth of expertise in their domain. I consider them a valuable partner, not just a vendor."

  • Michael McDonnell
    Michael McDonnell, Configure One ,United States

    "We have found ProtoTech to be an outstanding partner. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to delivering on time & on budget is second to none."

  • Dave Peel, President
    Dave Peel, President, Microvellum, Inc.

    "ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization is top notch. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. I strongly recommend ProtoTech and feel fortunate to be their partner."

  • Peter Saal, Product Manager
    Peter Saal, Product Manager, Trimble

    "We are very impressed with the ProtoTech team's unprompted willingness to always ‘go the extra mile’. They did an outstanding job dealing with our application-specific challenges (multiface texture export, the export of polyline entities, model tree hierarchy, etc.), and optimizing large files down to very compact ones, reducing them in some cases by almost 70%. Their strong understanding of current development practices and professional attention to detail make them a dependable development partner."

  • Henry Uyeme, CEO
    Henry Uyeme, CEO , Intrida

    "We had presented a very challenging set of objectives requiring intricate engineering processes. This was expertly handled by ProtoTech Solutions, with a high degree of technology expertise, deep understanding of product requirements and excellent communications. This has naturally lead to a perfect partnership which we are very proud of. Many thanks to ProtoTech Solutions!"

  • Damian Rafferty, Director
    Damian Rafferty, Director , Pulse PLM

    "We at Pulse Systems create value enhancing software solutions. For our Pulse PLM Suite, a leading product lifecycle management solution, we needed an expert team with 3D software development skills. ProtoTech Solutions turned out to be perfect partners for us. They helped us right from making technology decisions to design and implementation of our ideas. We are very happy with their talent and responsiveness and highly recommend them to anyone needing software development services."


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