Empowering Student Creativity: Game-Ready Model Creation with ProtoTech's Fusion 360 to OBJ Converter

Savelij Vasiliev, an enthusiastic teenage student with a passion for 3D modeling, embarked on creating game-ready models despite lacking formal education in the field.


Game Development


The task involved transforming solid objects into game-ready models by converting them into a polygonal environment. This required expertise in handling the conversion process while preserving original normals and controlling mesh density for optimal game development.

Cyber-wasp model. Blocking stage - Rendering

Cyber-wasp model. Blocking stage.

Game-ready walkie-talkie in work. Fusion 360

Qualitative comparison of part export using the example of a 3D model of a microphone HyperX Quadcast


  • Precise Conversion: Ensuring the accurate conversion of solid objects into the .obj format for a seamless transition to a polygonal environment.
  • Normals Preservation: Preserving the original normals during the conversion process to maintain the integrity and visual quality of the models.
  • Mesh Density Control: Managing and controlling the mesh density to optimize performance and efficiency in the polygonal environment.


  • Utilized ProtoTech's Fusion 360 to .obj converter, a specialized tool designed for precise and efficient conversion of solid objects to the .obj format.

  • Implemented an algorithm within the converter to ensure the accurate preservation of original normals, maintaining the visual fidelity of the models.

  • Incorporated features in the converter that allowed users to control and customize mesh density, providing flexibility for optimal performance in diverse environments.

ProtoTech Fusion360 to OBJ converter

Game-ready walkie-talkie in work. Fusion 360


ProtoTech's Fusion 360 to OBJ Converter has transformed my 3D modeling experience. It offers a faster, more controlled conversion process, providing high-quality results for game-ready models. The tool's efficiency and user-friendly interface have significantly enhanced my workflow. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a superior solution for Fusion 360 exports.

-Savelij Vasiliev


Faster conversion process compared to the built-in Fusion 360 exporter.

Enhanced control over the conversion parameters for improved customization.

Achieved higher-quality results in creating game-ready models for improved game development workflows.


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