ProtoTech’s latest release of 3D Measure Up has substantially improved performance and added exciting new features.

ProtoTech Solutions has released its latest version V (2.2) of 3D Measure Up is now highly optimized and has exciting new features. 3D Measure Up application allows users to accurately measure linear, along-surface and girth lengths on a 3D scanned body.

Main features of this release-

  1. Publish to HTML: 3D Measure Up now supports the ability to save the model and the measurement annotations to HTML (.html) format so that they can be shared and viewed by anyone using a web browser.

                           Fig 1: ‘Publish to HTML’ and viewed HTML in Web Browser

  2. Vertical Planes for measurements. : 3D Measure Up supports the ability to measure vertical and/or inclined distances. Further, the automatic measurement tool will auto-detect a few typical inclined distances on the right arm if it is stretched. Please refer following image,

    Fig 2: Vertical Planes for Measurements


  3.  Show distance between typical planes: We have added a few more measurement planes of commonly needed body features. The distance between two planes among some of these planes is now displayed with automatic body measurements.

    Fig 3: Show the distance between typical planes

  4. Volume with distinct disjoint Entities: We are now showing volume with distinct disjoint entities with the different color, volume and surface area in the separate split viewport.

    Fig 4: Show the distance between typical planes

Video Tutorials:  For the ease of user, we have created video tutorials. The user can access these tutorials from 3D Measure Up application as well.

Fig 5: Access ‘Video Tutorials’

Why use 3D Measure Up?

  • Allow the user to measure various dimensions on mesh files (Currently, OBJ and STL files are supported).
  • Allow the user to measure girths on the model at any location.
  • Direct distance and on surface distance measurements between any two points are possible.
  • This tool is very useful for Human body measurements.
  • Some typical human body measurements are computed automatically on a single click.
  • The model can be aligned for more accurate measurements.
  • Support basic Mesh cleanup and mesh healing functionalities.
  • Export data as CSV.
  • Export measurement data along with mesh as HTML.
  • Save project and restore.
  • Measure volume of the entire model or selected portion only.

To know more about 3D Measure Up, Please click here

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