4 toolkits to build 3D Mobile Apps. Develop your custom app today!

4 toolkits to build 3D Mobile Apps. Develop your custom app today!

New technologies springing up. Almost every business today is focusing on creating unique, staggering mobile apps for mobile platforms, both iOS and Android. Why? 

  • Mobile apps are what empower you to connect with customers directly and are extensively implemented in everyday situations.
  • 3D mobile apps help to demonstrate 3D models without the use of highly sophisticated desktops, allowing for rapid analysis of the models and, as a result, quick strategic thinking.
  • Engineering companies are becoming aware of the benefits 3D apps provide to their engineers in terms of capturing ideas and concepts, visualizing drawings and models and working collaboratively with other workgroups.
  • Furthermore, three-dimensional modeling and scanning are the basis not only for three-dimensional applications but for any AR/VR app, too.


As a result, one can say that 3D is here to stay. For these reasons, 3D app development has exploded in recent years.


1. Firmware and Hardware of IOS for AR viewing capability.

2. Selecting 3D Visualization SDK.

3. RAM dependency on rendering capability in iOS.

4. Performance maintenance: Mobile devices have lower hardware configurations than desktop computers.

5. Creating a compact user interface because mobile devices have smaller screen sizes than desktop computers.

Let’s walkthrough the most useful tools that are used to build 3D mobile apps:

1. HOOPS Visualize: 

Hoops Visualize is a paid graphics engine for developing high-performance applications by Techsoft 3D. It is one of the most popular visualization SDKs on the market today, with over 300 applications claiming widespread use. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Unity Expertise:  

Unity (also called Unity3D) is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices, and is utilized by over 1million developers. 

Utilize ProtoTech’s Unity expertise to visualize products and create interactive experiences. Unity, widely regarded as the most versatile and best real-time 3D platform, supports multiple platforms, and ProtoTech can assist in developing solutions and SDKs to match your industry’s needs.










Fig1: Unity | Real Time Development Platform

3. Cocos 3D:

Cocos 3D is a popular, free, open-source framework used for developing sophisticated dynamic cross-platform 3D games and applications. 

  • Supports OpenGL ES:
      • Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 or OpenGL ES 1.1 on iOS and offers seamless integration with the iOS UI View Controller framework.
  • Rendering: 
      • All 3D model objects are rendered using a special Cocos2D layer, where 2D nodes and health bars can be drawn under, over, or beside 3D model objects, to create a rich, synchronized audio-visual experience.
  • Pluggable framework:
      • You can load 3D models exported from popular 3D editors or 3D object files like Collada or PowerVR POD.
  • Memory management: 
      • Saves device memory by sharing mesh data between 3D objects and thus boosts performance.
      • Automatic OpenGL state machine shadowing reduces OpenGL engine calls and increases OpenGL output.
  • Objective C: 
    • Cocos 3D has documented API in Objective-C, eliminating the need to switch to C or C++, to work with 3D components.

4. OpenGL® ES:

OpenGL® ES is a royalty-free, cross-platform API for rendering advanced 2D and 3D graphics on embedded and mobile systems. Understanding the need for side-by-side comparison for certain 3D models, we set out to develop a comparison tool that would allow greater flexibility in viewing and correlation to users. Using HOOPS communicator, we built functionality that would allow side-by-side comparison of 3D Models. That’s not all; the tool also allows an Overlay view (overlap) of two models for easier comparison.

Comparing two models which are not properly aligned or oriented is challenging and thus, our team developed a mechanism where users can do Plane Alignment of 2 models or realign the models as per their needs. Last but not the least, we enabled Distance Translate or rotate as well in our functionality.

Fig2: OpenGL® ES is a royalty-free, cross-platform API

Why will you use Prototech’s Development Services?

We are a software development services provider in the domain of BIM/CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D visualization, and 3D data interoperability, with over 15+ years of experience, we have worked on 190+ projects, and served 55+ countries globally. We help global organizations achieve their time-to-market and business goals by developing 3D custom applications, CAD Plugins, 3D Cloud/Mobile/Desktop apps, 3D web apps, file exporters/importers, machine learning, and a host of mission-critical engineering application projects.

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