Why ProtoTech’s ‘DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD’ plugin is better than others available in the market?

Why ProtoTech’s ‘DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD’ plugin is better than others available in the market?

ProtoTech Solutions supports the DWG/DXF Compare plugin for AutoCAD to compare two different DWG or DXF files. When the design progresses, it becomes more difficult to recollect what was changed from one revision to the next, especially when working in a remotely distributed team. ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare plugin provides a way to perform a visual comparison between two versions of the same drawings.

Why ProtoTech’s ‘DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD?

Option to select colors:

ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare plugin allows users to change the color of Modified, Deleted and Newly added entities. Users can select the color for these three types of entities according to drawing requirements. By default, the color preferences are set as follows:

1. Unchanged entities are shown in Grey color
2. Modified entities are shown in Green color
3. Delete entities are shown in Red color
4. Newly added entities are shown in Blue color


Fig 1: Set Default Colors

Comprehensive comparison:

Visual Difference is the most important factor while Comparing two models. Using ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare users can see modified, deleted, and newly added entities together in a single drawing. Hence, it is best as compared to the Default DWG Compare from Autodesk AutoCAD. Refer following Image.

Fig 2: Comparison Output

DWF and DXF file format support:

One more advantage of ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare over the Default AutoCAD DWG compare is it supports both DWG and DXF files for comparison. Henec below comparison is possible using  ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare

  • Comparison of two DWG models
  • Comparison of two DXF models
  • Comparison of one DWG and one DXF model

Where as “Autodesk’s Default DWG compare” plugin can compare only two DWG models

Fig 3: Support to compare DWG and DXF files

Tolerance- control over ‘File Size’ and ‘Quality’:

ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare allows users to control the ‘File Size’ and ‘Quality’ via ‘Tolerance’ option. Users can set Tolerance value according to their requirements to control tessellation quality. Refer following Image.

Fig 4: Tolerance option

Simpler GUI:

Simplicity is the main advantage of ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare. It is very user friendly, and efficiently designed GUI considering the user’s workflow. Refer following Image.

Fig 5: Preferences Settings

Export the compared file in new DWG:

The compared resultant dwg file can be exported to the desired location in the system. Users can select the desired output location from ‘Preferences Settings’ before comparing the two dwg files.

User can compare existing open drawings or files from local system:

Considering the user friendliness of the plugin, ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare provides the option to compare files from local machines and also the files which are currently open in AutoCAD. Refer following Image.

Fig 6: File selection options

In nutshell, supplementary functionalities supported by ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD can be listed as below

Please download ProtoTech’s DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD from the following link- 


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