Why ProtoTech’s ‘CATIAV5 Exporter for AutoCAD’ ?

Why ProtoTech’s ‘CATIA V5 Exporter for AutoCAD’ ?

What is CATIAV5 ?

  • CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) is a  PLM/CAD/CAD/CAE commercial suite developed by Dassault Systemes.
  • CATIAV5 file types such as CATPART, CATPRODUCT, and CGR are supported by ProtoTech’s CATIAV5 Exporter for AutoCAD.
  • CATPART: Is a Part file that stores a part model including the three-dimensional geometry and structure data.
  • CATPRODUCT: It is an Assembly file which contains data for the assembly manufacturing process, including parts and assembly structure information.
  • CGR: It saves the visualization data and stores the geometrical information required to view the model, instead of all the CAD data.

Why should you use the CATIAV5 Exporter for AutoCAD Plugin?

CATIAV5 Exporter for Autodesk® AutoCAD is CAD translation software which allows users to export AutoCAD drawing into a CATIAV5 file on the local system.  

Fig 1.  Exported Model with CATIAV5 Exporter for AutoCAD

Features of ProtoTech’s CATIAV5 Exporter:

1. Simple User Interface:
The exporter includes a user-friendly interface with a well-designed GUI that considers the user’s workflow.

Fig 2. CATIAV5 Exporter in AutoCAD Ribbon bar

2. Color export:
A handy feature of the plugin is the ability to export color. Users can export colors from AutoCAD models to a CATIAV5 file with this program.

Fig 3. Color is exported to CATIAV5 file

3. Export of VizRep and Brep models supported:

It supports writing both, B-rep data and viz-rep data.   

  • Brep refers to Boundary Representation
  • Vizrep refers to Visual Representation

Exports 3 CATIAV5 file formats :

  3. CGR

From the above 3 file formats, CATPART and CATPRODUCT contain B-rep data while CGR contains Viz-rep data.

4. CATIAV5 Versions Compatibility:

CATIAV5 file version from V5R15 to V5R29 supported. 

Fig 4. CATIAV5 file Export version  from V5R15 to V5R29

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