Why and How to Choose ProtoTech Solutions for the Development of Mobile 2D/3D Apps?

Why and How to Choose ProtoTech Solutions for the Development of Mobile 2D/3D Apps?

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Fig : Development of 2D/3D application on mobile

For developing 3D mobile applications, ProtoTech is considered an industry leader in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction arena. On the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, we have extensive experience designing 3D mobile and VR/AR applications.

One of the first businesses to develop 3D PDF viewers for use on mobile devices operating iOS and Android was ProtoTech. We have built WebGL-based 3D Virtual Reality (VR) tools and proof of concept software for Augmented Reality (AR) for several different businesses.

Cocos3D, Unity, HOOPS Visualize, OpenGL® ES, and other similar programmes are among the most helpful tools for developing 3D mobile applications.

3D Mobile App Development Challenges and Best Practices

Before you begin, learn everything you can about 3D Application development. Here are some of the difficulties that may arise when developing a 3D application, as well as best practices for making it easier.


  • Creating applications for devices with low technical requirements
  • Optimizing 3D model rendering time
  • Choosing suitable tools (APIs/SDKs/frameworks) for building 3D apps for iOS/Android
  • Employing third-party libraries
  • Using C++ for mobile app development

Best Practices:

  • Minimizing 3D model load time
  • Simplifying the geometry of the model
  • Employing a lower rendering quality profile
  • Optimizing the displayed model for a smaller screen


3D is no longer limited to movies. Every day, we witness a plethora of creative applications of this technology. Many mobile applications can be significantly enhanced with 3D features, providing users with a unique experience and increased convenience.

There are numerous tools available for creating a 3D app, so choose those appropriate for your specific application idea.

In terms of overall development, the process will be determined by the type of software you wish to create. You can find many guides on creating various types of mobile and web apps on our blog.

Whether you’re sure you want to include three-dimensional models in your apps or want to improve them, consulting with a professional will make your life a lot easier. Use the form below to contact us, and we’ll show you how to create a 3D app that meets your requirements!

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