Meaningful Work – Our work is not the run-of-the-mill IT desk job, but it is very technical and challenging. You will never feel that your education and engineering was a waste of time.

Hands – On Learning – ProtoTech believes that hands-on experience is the best way for staff to develop professionally. To help encourage this professional growth in junior and intermediate employees, ProtoTech includes them in challenging and complex work assignments shortly after they join the company. Although these employees have no prior work experience, ProtoTech believes that their direct involvement plays an important role in broadening their skill sets at an early stage of their career and also instills a desire to take initiative and advance in the company.

Employee Referral Program – To complement the recruitment process and help encourage staff-involvement, ProtoTech endorses its Employee Referral Program. This program provides employees with an opportunity to directly recommend candidates who embody the same values and technical skill sets. If an employee refers a candidate who is hired and stays with the company through a year, they receive minimum INR 10000.

Open Communication – Leaders are easily available for any communication or approval. The company’s top management team has had working experience both in India and other countries and understands the cultural nuances very well. They have imbibed this sense to everyone. As a small company culture, we have the luxury of affording direct face-to-face conversations and hence avoid emails as much as possible.

Work Culture – We have a much-disciplined work culture where everyone remains focused completely when at work. And because of this, we are all able to maintain a very healthy work-life balance. Thus, our team is extremely productive and delivers a very high-quality output. We are not an army, but a highly specialized commando team which is very precise and clinical in our operations.

Novelty – The ever-changing technological landscape stands tall like Mt. Everest. Everyone learns how to learn new technologies and adapts quickly.

Means just as important as Ends – It is constantly reminded to everyone that their performance would be evaluated as much by their deliveries as by their practice of the company values.

“Feel the Pulse” – An HR personnel meets everyone regularly to check whether everything is going well with the employees, seek feedback or suggestions to make it a better place to work and if they can be supported in a better way to achieve organizational goals

Providing superior Work-Life value proposition – Ability to take time off from work while required allowing flexibility to compensate later is a great way of telling the employees “We Care”. To assist employees who may be sick or especially women employees who cannot make it to office on particular days, we offer the flexibility to work from home on case-to-case basis

Transparency in our day-to-day workings – All relevant information is available to everyone over Company’s intranet. Each employee is timely updated on anything that gets newly introduced / any organizational change or anything that concerns them.

Huddle, a Monthly Open-House – In sync with being transparent as a cherished value and to bridge Fun and Work, the Company conducts a monthly informal gathering to improve organizational communication while providing a light-hearted environment for employees to build personal relationships and celebrate their ongoing achievements. Each ‘Huddle’ begins with informal remarks from the CEO who shares important news and information about the company followed by updates from team members on different projects, introduces new joins and expresses gratitude to departing employees.

Buddy Program – To help a new employee settle down faster in the system, a dedicated member of our team called Buddy is assigned who could be approached with any query/concern pertaining to work.

Performance Review – Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annual reviews are held for each employee on the pro-rata basis in an informal set up outside office over refreshments to help employees with more-relaxed and meaningful conversations. The reviews are arranged to allow both employees as well as management to provide “feed forwards” not just feedbacks

Sports & Recreation – To encourage a healthy lifestyle we encourage employees’ participation in Marathon events and sports held outside the company.

5 days-a-week work policy – At ProtoTech, we generally enjoy five days of organized work over the week so that we can have sufficient rest over the weekends. When we return to work on Mondays, we are rejuvenated and work with greater passion.

Customer – Orientation – Resources interact directly with the clients and understand their requirements. This gives everyone an opportunity to see and appreciate how every single thing they do is contributing to the bigger picture and understand customer’s perspective.

Birthday Celebrations – Every month end we celebrate Birthdays with cake-cutting and snacks; a perfect time for all to let our hair down, interact informally and develop friendships with one another. The employees are gifted with a book of their choice thus nurturing the healthy habit of reading.

Reward & Recognition – For any outstanding contribution by any team member, employees have rewarded “On-The-Spot” awards, “Extra-Mile” awards and “Employee of the Quarter” award. Even “Years of Service” award is felicitated with a special badge during Open House to those who complete 2 years and above with us.

Leadership Training – To assist, equip and empower the employees by increasing their efficiency and productivity at work and strike an overall work-life balance we sponsor the participation fees and encourage employees to attend SSY training program. SSY is a leadership training program designed for corporate professionals to help them get organized and refine their outlook towards self, work, life and world at large.

Author: Kavita Baghel
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