Top 5 Tech Soft 3D SDKs Designed to Revolutionize Engineering Workflows

Top 5 Tech Soft 3D SDKs Designed to Revolutionize Engineering Workflows

Top 5 Tech Soft 3D SDKs Designed to Revolutionize Engineering Workflows


In the fast-paced world of engineering and design, the demand for efficient, robust, and flexible software solutions is higher than ever. The ability to visualize, manipulate, and communicate complex data seamlessly can make or break a project. Tech Soft 3D, a leader in providing software development kits (SDKs) for engineering applications, offers a suite of powerful tools designed to meet these needs. 

Many companies are adopting 3D visualization to display their data effectively. However, several different toolkits are available in the market for developing engineering apps across web, mobile, and desktop platforms, and choosing the right one for your business can be challenging. 

Tech Soft 3D has launched the Service Provider Program to showcase trusted third-party developers. The program aims to bring domain expertise and streamline the application development process for its partners.

Tech Soft 3D, a prominent provider of engineering software development toolkits, has recognized ProtoTech Solutions as one of its trusted service providers. A collaborative partnership between ProtoTech Solutions and Tech Soft 3D began in 2006 and has evolved into a strategic alliance and resulted in over successfully delivered many projects across diverse domains.

With TWO decades of cutting-edge experience in crafting 3D applications for web, desktop, and mobile platforms for engineering and manufacturing industries, we’re thrilled to present the top five most powerful Tech Soft 3D visualization toolkits that are transforming engineering workflows. These toolkits have garnered rave reviews from our esteemed clients, proving their transformative impact on the industry.

1. HOOPS Visualize

HOOPS Visualize
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HOOPS Visualize is a premier graphics engine for developing high-performance applications with sophisticated 3D visualization capabilities. It is widely used in CAD, CAM, CAE, and other engineering disciplines where precise and detailed graphical representation is crucial. HOOPS Visualize enhances engineering workflows by providing a robust platform for creating detailed and interactive visualizations. Its high-performance rendering capabilities allow engineers to interact with complex models in real time, improving the efficiency of design and analysis processes. Enabling advanced visualization techniques helps engineers better understand and communicate design intent, ultimately leading to higher quality and more innovative solutions.

 Key Features:

  • High-Performance Rendering: HOOPS Visualize provides fast and accurate rendering, capable of easily handling large datasets. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics, offering real-time performance that is essential for interactive applications.
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques: The SDK supports a range of visualization techniques, including transparency, shadows, reflections, and more. These features allow engineers to create highly realistic models and simulations.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: HOOPS Visualize is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, ARKit, ARCore, OpenVR, and HoloLens. This cross-platform capability ensures that applications built with HOOPS Visualize can reach a broader audience.
  • Customization and Extensibility: Developers can easily customize and extend the functionality of HOOPS Visualize to meet specific project requirements. The SDK’s flexible architecture makes it possible to integrate with other tools and frameworks.

2. HOOPS Web Platform

HOOPS Web Platform
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The HOOPS Web Platform is designed to bring the power of HOOPS Visualize to web applications for AEC, PLM, MaaS, Metrology, CAM, CAE, EDA, and Additive Manufacturing. It leverages WebGL and HTML5 technologies to deliver high-quality 3D graphics in a browser, making it an ideal choice for cloud-based engineering applications. By enabling high-quality 3D visualization in the browser, the HOOPS Web Platform transforms how engineers access and interact with their data. Its real-time collaboration features facilitate better teamwork, allowing multiple stakeholders to participate in the design and review process simultaneously. The scalability and responsiveness of the platform ensure that engineers can work with complex models efficiently, regardless of their location or device.

 Key Features:

  • WebGLPowered Graphics: The platform uses WebGL to render 3D graphics directly in the browser, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems.
  • Responsive Design: The HOOPS Web Platform supports responsive design principles, allowing applications to provide a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Scalable Architecture: The platform is designed to handle large models and datasets, making it suitable for enterprise-level applications.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Engineers can collaborate in real-time using the HOOPS Web Platform, sharing models and annotations instantaneously across the globe.

3. HOOPS Native Platform

HOOPS Native Platform
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The HOOPS Native Platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for building high-performance native applications with advanced 3D visualization and data exchange capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with native APIs, offering deep integration with the underlying operating system. The HOOPS Native Platform empowers developers to create powerful, high-performance engineering applications that leverage the full capabilities of the host operating system. Its comprehensive toolset reduces development time and effort, allowing engineers to focus on innovation rather than technical integration. The platform’s performance optimization ensures that applications can manage complex tasks and large datasets smoothly, enhancing productivity and enabling more sophisticated analyses.

Key Features:

  • Deep Native Integration: The SDK offers deep integration with native APIs, providing access to low-level system features and maximizing performance.
  • Comprehensive Toolset: The HOOPS Native Platform includes tools for 3D visualization, CAD data translation, and interoperability, making it a one-stop solution for engineering application development.
  • High Performance: The platform is optimized for performance, ensuring that applications can handle large datasets and complex computations efficiently.
  • Extensive Documentation and Support: Developers have access to comprehensive documentation, sample code, and technical support, facilitating the development process.

4. HOOPS Exchange

HOOPS Exchange
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HOOPS Exchange is a leading CAD data translation SDK, enabling the seamless import and export of a wide range of CAD file formats. It supports all major CAD formats, ensuring interoperability between different CAD systems and facilitating data sharing and collaboration. HOOPS Exchange streamlines engineering workflows by providing reliable and accurate CAD data translation. Its broad format support ensures that engineers can work with data from multiple sources without compatibility issues, facilitating collaboration and reducing the time spent on data preparation. Highfidelity translation preserves the integrity of design data, ensuring that critical information is accurately conveyed across different systems and stages of the engineering process.

Key Features:

  • Broad Format Support: HOOPS Exchange supports over 30 CAD file formats, including industry standards such as STEP, IGES, and native formats from leading CAD systems like CATIA, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD.
  • High-fidelity Data Translation: The SDK ensures high-fidelity translation of geometry, PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), assembly structure, and other critical data.
  • Robust Error Handling: HOOPS Exchange includes robust error handling and recovery mechanisms, ensuring that data translation processes are reliable and accurate.
  • Customization Options: Developers can customize the data translation process to meet specific needs, including filtering and transforming data as required.

5. HOOPS Communicator

HOOPS Communicator
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HOOPS Communicator is a powerful SDK for building web-based applications that enable the visualization, sharing, and collaboration of 2D and 3D CAD data. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with cloud-based solutions, providing a scalable and accessible platform for engineering data visualization. HOOPS Communicator enhances engineering workflows by providing a platform for real-time collaboration and interactive 3D visualization. Its cloud integration ensures that engineers can access and share data from anywhere, breaking down geographic barriers and enabling more flexible working arrangements. The collaboration tools facilitate better communication and faster decision-making, while the interactive viewing capabilities allow engineers to explore and analyze models in detail.

 Key Features:

  • Cloud Integration: HOOPS Communicator is designed to work with cloud-based environments, providing scalable and accessible 3D visualization capabilities.
  • Interactive Viewing: The SDK supports interactive 3D viewing, including rotation, zooming, and panning, as well as advanced features like exploded views and sectioning.
  • Collaboration Tools: Engineers can share models and collaborate in real-time, with tools for commenting, annotating, and marking up 3D models.
  • Data Security: The platform includes robust security features to ensure that sensitive engineering data is protected during transmission and storage.

What Tech Soft 3D Says About ProtoTech Solutions

Tech Soft 3D VIPs - Rajesh Bhartiya

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that our very own Rajesh Bhartiya, CEO and Founder of ProtoTech Solutions, has been selected for Tech Soft’s prestigious “VIP Program.” Rajesh’s incredible contributions have not only earned him this esteemed recognition but also several well-deserved awards! 

This milestone is a testament to the relentless hard work and unwavering dedication that define our journey. We can’t wait to leverage this incredible opportunity to soar to even greater heights together! 

Also, we have received a fantastic testimonial from our valued customer, Jonathan Girroir, Senior Director of Marketing at Tech Soft 3D! 

“ProtoTech has a long-standing history of assisting users of Tech Soft 3D SDKs. They have a broad understanding of our distinct toolkits and the requirements of various 3D engineering industries we collaboratively support. They are experts in 3D, and I would highly recommend their development services to software teams of all sizes.”

ProtoTech Solutions has demonstrated extensive expertise in Tech Soft 3D’s and Autodesk AutoCAD OEM, Autodesk Inventor OEM, and Autodesk RealDWG products and a proven track record of creating engineering, manufacturing, and construction software systems, ProtoTech Solutions facilitates application development for Tech Soft 3D’s partners.

If you encounter any challenges while using the above 05 toolkits or others to build an app, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be delighted to assist you and expedite your web, desktop, and mobile app development! 

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Over the past 20+ years in operations, we have completed more than 200 small, large, and complex projects for over 2500 customers across the globe.