Forge-Enabled Revit Viewer: Enhancing User Experience

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)


This project’s objective was to develop a user-friendly interface to display Autodesk Revit files directly in an internet browser using the Forge viewer. The platform needed to allow users to effortlessly perform essential operations such as rotate, pan, and zoom, while also providing access to view properties and view hierarchy with a standard toolbar. Additionally, an inbuilt toolbar with various essential features was incorporated to enhance user experience.

3D Viewer For Revit Files Using Autodesk Forge

Fig. Forge viewer with Revit file loaded

Key Functions


  • Upload Revit files to the Forge server and convert them into svf files for seamless integration.

  • Load the generated svf models into the Forge viewer for smooth visualization.

  • Provide an option to load locally downloaded svf files for greater accessibility.

  • Enable users to view and access files stored on AWS S3 storage, ensuring flexibility in file management.


  • The primary challenges faced during the project were related to loading files from AWS S3 storage into the Forge viewer seamlessly.

  • Additionally, there was a requirement to convert sheet views to be viewed within the Forge viewer, which presented its own set of complexities.



  • The development team at ProtoTech addressed the challenges effectively by investigating the generation of signed URLs from the AWS server.

  • This allowed files to be loaded from AWS storage using public signed URLs that were valid for a specified time, ensuring secure and efficient file retrieval.

  • To enable sheet views to be displayed, the team utilized a specific attribute named ``generateMasterViews`` and set it to true, facilitating the seamless export of sheet views within the Forge viewer.


  • Simplified File Loading:

Users can effortlessly load Revit files into the platform, making the viewing process swift and intuitive.

  • Versatile Storage Options:

The option to load files from AWS S3 storage ensures flexibility and accessibility for users.

  • Interactive Visualization:

With the viewer’s intuitive interface, users could zoom, pan, rotate, and analyze every aspect of the Revit models with ease.

  • Enhanced User Experience:

The user-friendly interface and inbuilt toolbar grant users a seamless and engaging viewing experience.


ProtoTech Solutions has truly elevated our platform's capabilities with their seamless integration of the 3D Viewer for Revit files using Autodesk Forge. The user-friendly interface, versatile storage options, and intuitive visualization tools have greatly enhanced our users' experience. ProtoTech's expertise in Forge and their technical proficiency were instrumental in achieving this innovative solution.


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    Forge Viewer SDK (Autodesk Platform Services)

    For enhanced file rendering capabilities.

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    JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

    For developing the user interface.


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