Single Machine



Two Machine

Locked Licenses by Same User


Single Floating







Mesh Quality

Control to adjust mesh quality from preferences dialog.


Sketches & Face-level color.

Default Tessellation Quality

Default compression helps to reduce the file.

Additional Features

Swap/Flip functionality Option to set the precision of vertices and normal.

Preference to control the file size and quality by specifying precision values.



  • Ernesto Sacramento
    Ernesto Sacramento, Surveyor Manager, RAZEL-BEC

    "Thank you for your prompt response and your kind words. I am truly pleased with the software's performance, as it has significantly enhanced my daily work processes. Here's a short testimonial reflecting my experience:
    I am very satisfied with the software; it has proven to be an invaluable asset in my daily work. The time saved on routine tasks is substantial, given the necessity to present 3D drawings to our clients daily. The software's efficiency has indeed been commendable. I greatly appreciate the software's overall functionality, and your prompt attention to user feedback demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service. I am confident that such instances will be addressed, and I look forward to continued positive experiences with your product."

  • Darren Guillory
    Darren Guillory, Technical Solutions Specialist, SSI (ShipConstructor & ShipbuildingPLM)

    "ProtoTech Solutions has provided an exceptional experience with their OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD. During my testing phase, the exporter performed flawlessly, meeting all advertised functionalities. The ease of use and reliability have truly impressed me. I'm confident in my decision to purchase the full version before the weekend. I wholeheartedly recommend the OBJ Exporter to fellow professionals. Thanks to ProtoTech for delivering a top-notch solution!"

  • Robert Howell
    Robert Howell, Visualization Manager, WGI

    'I liked the OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD plugin so much I bought it twice!' That's how much I believe in the power of this amazing plugin. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer that has transformed the way I work. If you want to take your productivity and creativity to the next level, this plugin is an absolute must-have. Don't hesitate – get it today and experience the difference!"

  • Andrew Ware
    Andrew Ware

    "ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD is a great tool for exporting .obj from auto cad. It's also extremely simple to use!"

  • Patrick McNerney, 3D Design & Engineering, Inc, USA
    Patrick McNerney, 3D Design & Engineering, Inc, USA

    "ProtoTech solutions offer very versatile products. We use OBJ converter to take engineered conceptual 3D models out of AutoCAD into an OBJ format that is PhotoShop friendly to generate photo-realistic simulations. I have not found another product on the market that makes the process as easy as ProtoTech's OBJ Converter. Proto Tech has friendly and fast customer support as well when needed!"

  • Jeff Beck, Set Designer (USA)
    Jeff Beck, Set Designer (USA)

    "I have been using ProtoTech OBJ Exporter for a few weeks now and found it to be extremely useful. Now that AutoCAD 2019 no longer supports .fbx exporting, ProtoTech has filled that hole nicely. It’s quick and easy. I highly recommend it."

  • Expedient B.V. (Netherlands)
    Expedient B.V. (Netherlands)

    "Thank you ProtoTech for your excellent Solution - OBJ Exporter AutoCAD! It's very intuitive to use. Exporting concept models is very methodical and lucid for non-engineers. Thanks for the great support. This seems to be exactly what we needed, the material names from AutoCAD show up in the mtl."

  • Fabrizio Denna, (ITALIA)
    Fabrizio Denna, (ITALIA)

    "I've already bought the plugin and it's magical! No more problems exporting from Autocad... no more FBX or 3DS bad translations! I love it!"

  • Michael Kölsch, CEO - craniMAX GmbH
    Michael Kölsch, CEO - craniMAX GmbH

    "I bought the OBJ exporter for AutoCAD from ProtoTech. These folks not only have a great product, but a great attitude and trust!"

  • Ian Grant, Senior Part-Time Lecturer, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus.
    Ian Grant, Senior Part-Time Lecturer, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus.

    "In AEC industry the 3D data capture, processing and representation in the 3D environment is a prerequisite for any BIM project. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease at which the OBJ Exporter plugin for AUTOCAD by ProtoTech Solutions was able to output the .obj format with all the 3D elements as separate objects. I was then able to import the 3D model in Faro scene which was great as the overlay not only was possible with the point cloud but the photos taken by the scanner to produce an environment that mirrored augmented reality. The OBJ plugin was intuitive and provided a great quality model within Faro scene software."

  • Robert Howell, Owner of Superbob3D
    Robert Howell, Owner of Superbob3D

    "I've been using the "Obj exporter for AutoCAD" plugin for a couple of weeks now, and I Love It! I'm an old-school AutoCad designer who relies on its solid modeling platform. To finally be able to effortlessly export CAD data to an .OBJ format is a game-changer for me and has streamlined my ability to merge my design data with my point cloud data inside other software platforms. Functionally, it couldn't be easier to load and utilize. It's super straightforward! I will certainly turn to Prototech if I find myself in need of additional plugins."