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OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD

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OBJ Exporter For AutoCAD Features

Other Features

  • Supports face level colors.
  • Option to control the file size and quality by specifying precision value
  • Swap/Flip functionality added
  • Specify precision for vertices and normals
  • A default compression which helps to reduce the file size as much as possible
  • Can export sketches

How It Works

General Usage Instructions:

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Run AutoCAD application
  3. Open the ‘Add ins’ tab and find the ‘ProtoTech OBJ’ section.
    Refer to the image below

Click on the ‘About Us’ button that contains licensing information. License Activation can be done from this panel

Demo Video

What our Customer's Say

craniMAX GmbH

“I bought the OBJ exporter for AutoCAD from ProtoTech. These folks not only have a great product, but a great attitude and trust!”

Michael Kölsch, CEO – craniMAX GmbH


“I’ve already bought the plugin and it’s magical! No more problems exporting from Autocad… no more FBX or 3DS bad translations! I love it!”

Fabrizio Denna, (ITALIA)

Expedient B.V.

“Thank you ProtoTech for your excellent Solution – OBJ Exporter AutoCAD! It’s very intuitive to use. Exporting concept models is very methodical and lucid for non-engineers. Thanks for the great support. This seems to be exactly what we needed, the material names from AutoCAD show up in the mtl.”

Expedient B.V. (Netherlands)

Set Designer, USA

jeff beck 5

“I have been using ProtoTech OBJ Exporter for a few weeks now and found it to be extremely useful. Now that AutoCAD 2019 no longer supports .fbx exporting, ProtoTech has filled that hole nicely. It’s quick and easy. I highly recommend it.”

Jeff Beck, Set Designer (USA)

Patrick McNerney ,3D Design & Engineering, Inc, USA

3D Design and Engineering logo 1

“ProtoTech solutions offer very versatile products. We use OBJ converter to take engineered conceptual 3D models out of AutoCAD into an OBJ format that is PhotoShop friendly to generate photo-realistic simulations. I have not found another product on the market that makes the process as easy as ProtoTech’s OBJ Converter. Proto Tech has friendly and fast customer support as well when needed!”

Patrick McNerney, 3D Design & Engineering, Inc, USA

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