ProtoTech’s latest release of 3D Measure Up has dramatically improved performance and exciting new features

ProtoTech Solutions has released its latest version V ( of 3D Measure Up is now highly optimized and has exciting new features. 3D Measure Up application allows users to accurately measure linear, along-surface and girth lengths on a 3D scanned body.

Main features of this release-

1. Profiling Feature: To calculate distance in split girth we can use the profiler to insert the points and calculate the measurements between them.

Profiling Feature
Fig 1: Profiler

2. Fast Object Manipulator:
Object manipulator is now much faster and user-friendly as compared to earlier version. The user can easily transform planes along the plane coordinate system itself and not along the body’s coordinate system.

Object Manipulator

Fig 2: Object Manipulator

3. Improved Project Archival (.3dmp):
The archive file (.3dmp) can now store additional user settings viz transparency, plane alignment, model size, girth values etc. and these settings will be restored automatically when the user loads the file (.3dmp) again in the application.

Fig 3: Save as 3dmp

4. More flexible trial version: We have listened to our users to allow day-based trial version instead of count based. The trial version now allows you to use the full-featured trial version for 7 days (unlimited saves) as against 10 free saves allowed by earlier trial version.

3D Measure UpFig 4: Day based trails


Know more about 3D Measure Up cloud services :

Why use 3D Measure Up?

  • Allow the user to measure various dimensions on mesh files (Currently, OBJ and STL files are supported)
  • Allow the user to measure girths on the model at any location
  • The direct distance between any two points and on surface distance measurements are possible.
  • This tool is very useful for Human body measurements.
  • Some typical human body measurements are computed automatically on a single click.
  • The model can be aligned for more accurate measurements.
  • Support Mesh cleanup and mesh healing functionalities.
  • Export data as CSV.
  • Save project and restore.
  • Measure volume of the entire model or selected portion only.

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