CAD Plugins Purchase Guide

CAD Plugins Purchase Guide

Are you facing a problem of sharing your 3D models with someone who doesn’t have the required design CAD software? You can share the model by converting it to 3D PDF file format, OBJ file format, WebGL file format, JSON file format so that anyone can view it.

You can take trial and purchase our product by following the simple steps listed below:

Browse the Prototech Solutions website

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet.

Step 1: Select Product Tab

On Prototech Solutions website select Products -> 3D CAD Plugins -> Respective Exporter (for   example- WebGL Exporter).


Fig a: Home Page – 3D CAD Plugins


Step 2: Plugin Details

On the above page, search for respective CAD plugin converter (for example- WebGL Exporter for SolidWorks) and click on Details button of that plugin.



Fig b: List of all Plugins

Step 3: Add To Cart

Now on plugins details page, add the number of CAD converter plugins you are willing to purchase and click on ‘Add To Cart’ Button.

You should be redirected to your cart with respective Plugin in the cart with Price, Quantity and Total mentioned.

Fig c: Plugin Details page

Step 4: Proceed To Checkout

  1. If you have any valid ‘Promotional Code’ then Enter inside the Coupon code text box and click Apply.
  2. If you don’t have any Promotional code then directly click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button.

Fig d: Add to Cart

Step 5: Billing Details

On the Checkout page, enter the valid ‘Billing Details’. Inside ‘Your Order’ section chooses the online ordering service (for example, PayPal or Credit Card) and click on ‘Proceed’ button.

Note: Please contact, if you have any queries or need assistance for purchase.

                   Fig e: Billing Details


             Fig f: Payment Gateway Service

Step 6: Payment

Please select the preferred online ordering service e.g. PayPal or ‘Credit or Debit’ Card via CCAvenue gateway. Please enter the valid details and proceed for the purchase.


You can Log-in to your ‘PayPal account’ or you can continue to Pay with ‘Credit or Debit’ Card.

 Fig g: PayPal Login

2.Credit Card:

You can pay securely by Credit card through CCAvenue gateway.

Fig h: Payment through Credit Card

Step 7: Email Notification

Once the purchase is successful, separate emails for license key and invoice will be sent automatically to your email ID used during purchase. 

Note:  Please refer CAD plugin activation guide for further help for license activation.

Author: Akansha B
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