Our client George Poulos is a graduate student in the Construction and Facility Management program at the University of North Carolina @Charlotte.




George is investigating the possibilities of converting 3D laser scans to a file format that could be used universally in facility management. During the analysis, he came across our product that would help build 3D PDFs from Revit files.


  • Not all people have highly sophisticated CAD applications installed on their devices. In the course of the research, it was difficult for our client to figure out how to present BIM models with a simple method. 
  • Another challenge was to maintain a high-quality representation of the source (Revit) file.


  • Our client used SCENE to process scans and As-Built Modeler/Revit to create the Revit models out of the scans.
  • ProtoTech’s 3D PDF-Revit exporter plugin helped to get the most commonly accepted, lightweight, universal format-3D PDF.


  • The exporter was beneficial because not everyone has access to Revit to review models and thus being able to convert to a PDF was a great option.
  • The transfer of designs, some geometry, and concepts without any technological difficulties was a cakewalk. 
  • Exporter is very feasible as it saves money by subtracting additional hi-tech software costs.
  • The exported file was of very less size, and easy to share.

My name is George Poulos and I’m working to complete my Masters in Construction & Facilities Management at the University of North Carolina @ Charlotte. As a part of my thesis, I am researching the conversion of raw 3D scan data so that it’s useful for the facility managers. ProtoTech 3D PDF Exporter for Revit is an extremely useful tool in that process. I would like to thank ProtoTech for their fantastic technology and super support!

-George Poulos

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North Carolina University scholars use ProtoTech’s most attractive 3D PDF exporter Revit

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