Video Conferencing Integration for a web based Model sharing Platform

Video Conferencing Integration for a web based Model sharing Platform

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A UK based client, providing 3D model sharing and collaboration platform focusing on construction and Oil & Gas industry. Users can manage multiple projects, need no software and get unlimited cloud storage
Location: UK
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A 3D visualization expert helping clients in developing custom engineering applications in areas of CAD/CAM/CAE. 10 years of experience in 3D Graphics technologies (HOOPS,RedSDK,
Bimsync,etc.), Geometry kernel (ACIS, Parasolid) & Interoperability solutions (HOOPS exchange, Datakit,


Business Challenge:

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open source and a free project that aims to embed real-time voice, data, video and instant messaging capabilities through APIs within Web browsers. With WebRTC, end-users do not have to download a special software application or browser plug-in to communicate directly with each other.

There are three choices when it comes to using WebRTC: First, develop your service from scratch, getting which requires your developers up to speed with this technology. Second, pick some open source frameworks as starting points to explore what can be done with WebRTC. With such frameworks, we get a head start and have full control and ownership of the solution. And third, pick a WebRTC API platform vendor and try to run the service on top of it. Selecting the right WebRTC platform is a hard part for any company because of above choices. With this specific need, client wished to provide a video conferencing integration on their existing browser based chat platform.

Solution: Video Conferencing Integration using SightCall WebRTC API platform:

The team at Prototech evaluated SightCall and Toxbox WebRTC API platforms for videoconferencing integration and based on available features and pricing with respect to each platform (see below features comparison table), it is recommended to use SightCall API.

FeaturesSightCall API PlatformTokbox API PlatformRemarks
Web & MobileSupport Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari; SDK for iOS and AndroidSupport Chrome, Firefox, IE ; SDK for iOS and AndroidPlugin for Safari is not supported by Tokbox API platform.
Unlimited MinutesNo limit to minutesDepending upon the subscribed minutesSightCall offers a flat-rate per-user pricing (User type : standard or premium ) Tokbox pricing based on subscribed minutes.
1-To-1 Video Calls and multyparty callingYesYesSightCall: Multiparty calling is available for Premium Users and not for Standard User. Tokbox: All users are having 1-to-1 or multy-party call.
Screen and file SharingYesYes
Remote pointer and DrawingYesNoHighlight important information by pointing or drawing on video window
Cloud RecordingYesYesSightCall: Cloud Recording is available for Premium Users. Tokbox has archiving pricing (per session minute based)

Key Benefits:

  • The time to integrate WebRTC solution can be counted in days versus most Unified Communication solutions (think Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Lync etc) that take months to implement. The team integrated SightCall APIs to have video conferencing capability 1-to-1 and multi-party video conferencing within 2 weeks
  • The basic principle of WebRTC is that every call is private because it uses Secure Real- Time Transport Protocol.
  • WebRTC is more cost effective. It has no licensing cost, integration can be done with commonly available development skills, and infrastructures can be rented at low subscription rates. It eliminates the need for large capital outlays and delivers on its low cost promise.

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