Unfolding the evolution of Games and Gaming Industry

Unfolding the evolution of Games and Gaming Industry

Video games! who hasn’t heard of them right? it’s not just a plaything for a certain age group. It’s soaked in the culture now. It seems like there is something for everyone in video games.

Some of the earliest games were “text-based games”, which evolved to video games giving birth to 2D games and finally inspired the developers to think of creating a better real gaming approach with enhanced user experience called online 3D games. 3D is not just beautiful graphics, if done correctly it makes the game world come alive. Nobody could have anticipated that in just a decade or two, we’d be immersing ourselves in realistic or practical living cities, drifting over attractive islands, water bodies and going parallelly with amazing rendered characters – and not even being present there.

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Meanwhile, all of these came into action , game testing made its firm position on the entire market. Be it the developer or the gaming companies, everyone wants their product to be perfect and free of any defects. Game Testing is an engineering discipline, a subgroup of game development, which is pursued for quality control of video games.

The uniqueness of game testing depends on various factors, “fun factor” testing being a major part of it. Game testing can be done offline to check whether the application is behaving properly in stand-alone mode and game testing online ensures that the test environment connects with the internet or other systems to exchange the desired information.

A game tester can play games but a professional game tester has to understand both testing in general and also the unique discipline of game testing. This is no small feat, as software testing is very complex and multifaceted, and game testing requires very unique specific skills.

With this in mind, disruptive innovation in the fastest expanding Gaming Industry comes with an added complication. Even a small flaw can lower the game’s experience with a great deal. A negative comment by an end-user can hamper the reputation of the entire game. However, as comprehensive and qualified as your developers may be, defects are unavoidable. The only way is to test effectively, find the bugs and fix them.

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Automation tools and frameworks available with experienced game testing partners can help reduce the time and manual effort needed in testing and hence game testing services comes in picture. A company that specializes in delivering bug-free, ready to launch Game Apps and serves to ensure maximum revenue for it’s customer becomes very important in this case.

Lastly, I would like to add that the evolution of games along with game testing service provider in the market has lead to a stable gaming experience which is a win-win situation for both the user and the firms.

Happy Gaming!

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