We'll presume you're happy with your current CAD software's efficiency, accuracy, and speed. A customised CAD will make you happy. 35-40% more control, design precision, and cycle time with custom tools and technology.

ProtoTech automates and customises the Software. Design time is reduced and design accuracy is improved. We can improve Inventor, Solidworks, and other CAD software. We are transparent and assist with demand collecting, CAD automation, and upkeep.

Customizations And Plugins – Toolkits

3D CAD Software Development – Projects

Cloud 3D Print connector for Max and Maya

We developed plugins on Max and Maya for the client to allow the users to connect to cubify.com from within Max/Maya environment, browse the parts and purchase/download them on to local machine.

BOM on Solidworks

We have developed a plugin on Solidworks to get Bill Of Materials for the Solidworks assembly. The plugin displays a windows form with assembly tree structure with a row for each part. User can interact with Solidworks assembly from the BOM form itself to create or modify the parts properties.

WebGL Exporter for CREO

For a US based client we have have developed WebGL exporter for CREO, which supports, parts and assemblies, with surface level colors, and linear annotation too.

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