2D/3D Visualization/ Game/Application for Mobile

2D/3D Visualization/ Game/Application for Mobile

3D visualization refers to visualizing a 3D design on end-user devices like computer, display kiosks or mobile and this term is often used in correlation to 3D graphics, 3D simulation, 3D modeling etc.

With the advancement in processing power and graphics hardware support through dedicated GPU on mobile devices, complex 3D data visualization on mobile has now become a reality. New age devices on both mobile leading platforms iOS and Android,  can render 2D and 3D scenes without performance degradation which opens up a whole new world of opportunities for business across industries. 3D visualization services on mobile are not limited to consumer product industry only but many other industries like automotive services, engineering applications, medical, pharmaceutical etc. can also benefit from the same.

Take an example of a manufacturing unit, which can now do precision modeling of its share part needed on shop floor through sharing a 3D model of the required part with the suppliers. Users can drag, zoom, rotate, pinch etc. the 3D model on mobile just like real-world object reducing both time and cost.

Toolkits for Mobile Visualization

There are multiple toolkits available on iOS and Android platforms to develop 3D Visualization Services:

  • SceneKit -Scene Kit is a high-level 3D graphics framework from Apple that helps you create 3D animated scenes and effects in your iOS apps. It helps developers to script action of the 3D model inside a scene in terms of its content properties namely position, rotation, scale, and visibility features and further animate it by describing changes to those objects.
  • Unity 3D: Unity is a cross-platform (supporting both iOS and Android) 3D engine and development environment for building 3D visualization apps. It comes with an IDE equipped with scene engine to place 3D objects, the physics engine for simulation and effects, behavior and properties editor to animate objects and a bunch of other useful editors.
  • ARKit and ARCore: ARKit from Apple and ARCore from Google are popular AR (Augmented Reality)  frameworks that bring AR capabilities to apps. An Augmented Reality application augments user live view obtained through device camera by placing 2D and 3D objects on same. ARKit helps you combine device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences thus simplifying the task of building an AR experience.
  •  OpenGL(ES) – OpenGL(ES), developed by Khronos Group, created history by being the most widely deployed 3D graphics API. This API is cross-language, multi-platform and very lightweight consuming minimal power and storage space. Being a low-level API, OpenGL ES easily works between software applications and hardware or software graphics engines. Being royalty-free, it provides an affordable solution for developers who wish to create advanced 3D graphics and games. Many third-party 3D libraries/physics engine for iOS, Android, and WebOS are using OpenGL ES.

The above toolkits are being widely used to develop 3D visualization services like

  • Developing interactive 3D games.
  • Architecture and Modeling in real estate
  • Immersive and enhanced user experience through 3D animations and scenes

How ProtoTech helps you visualize in 3D 

ProtoTech Solutions have developed a couple of applications to let users view 3D files on their mobile, using above toolkits.

Ø  3D Viewer – A free app available on Apple’s App Store, 3D viewer lets you view and manipulate 3D models of various formats. It supports meshes, colors, transparency, instancing and multi-touch gestures. The supported file formats include 3D PDF (.pdf – PRC), OBJ, STL (ASCII and Binary) and Collada (.dae – SceneKit compressed). Find it here:


Ø  3D PDF Viewer —An app available for both iOS and Android. 3D PDF Viewer lets you do more with your pdf files than just a plain view giving you the freedom to zoom, pan and rotate the images. Its integration with Box Cloud Storage gives you the freedom to browse the files from the application. Find it here:

3D PDF viewer for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3d-pdf-viewer/id919857557?ls=1&mt=8

3D PDF viewer for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prototech.threedpdfviewer

So if you want to get a customized 3D application developed on mobile, contact the experts, ProtoTech Solutions. Our team comprises of individuals who have expertise with all the above technologies.

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