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Sharing of Revit files on cloud. Translation of Revit files to a format which can be read by the Verold server.


  • Today, we have the freedom to design using different design software; however, designers also need the freedom to share their designs with anyone irrespective of the design platform used by their receivers to view or review the shared design.
  • In this scenario, neutral CAD Exporter plug-ins facilitate the sharing of information across the globe regardless of design formats. 
  • The objective is to provide greater operational efficiency and freedom from having a specific CAD platform to view the shared models. With this specific need in mind, Verold wished to provide its users a greater freedom of sharing their designs on the web from Revit using its platform.


  • The team at ProtoTech developed the Verold publisher plug-in for Revit. 
  • With a single click, the entire Revit model can be converted to a file format that can be read by the Verold server. 
  • The users have the flexibility to control tessellation and thereby the size and quality of the uploaded model. 
  • The uploaded model can then be easily shared with other collaborators who do not even have Revit on their machines. They can access the model using the Verold platform


  • The team held weekly update meetings and daily progress reports
  • The team developed common code architecture for the current plug-in. 
  • The same code architecture can be used to develop plug-ins for other CAD platforms. This will reduce the development time for other plugins and will help in future maintenance and upgrade of all plug-ins

It was a true pleasure working with the team at ProtoTech Solutions. The team is extremely knowledgeable in 3D formats and DCCs, and very responsive and professional in all interactions. They did a great job developing our plugin for Revit, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Ross Mckegney, CEO, Verold

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Verold publisher plugin for Revit