Our client is a leading supplier of special metal spinning machine equipment based in the US.




The client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design software which could generate GCodes for CNC metal spin forming machines.


  • Our team was required to implement complex mathematical algorithms that allow the user to create spline, arcs, and other sketching features. 
  • In order to develop and implement the product, our team had to learn machine specification and allow G-CodSoftware to generate G-Codes for Metal Spin Forming.


  • The team at ProtoTech Solutions helped the client to prototype the application with three different tool kits. 
  • In a span of 6 months, our team developed the software that allows users to create G-codes and provide visual feedback of the passes and sketches produced by the cutting tool. This process minimizes iterations in the shop floor and thereby improves the productivity. 
  • Our team managed to develop the application with evolving specifications.

ProtoTech was referred to me. At first, I was a little skeptical to be working with a team halfway around the world. But it didn’t take long to build a really effective working relationship with them. The development engineering team has been a pleasure to work with and the level of communication has been the key. They were able to produce a first release software package for me that simply works. I know when I come back for subsequent development the team at ProtoTech will be ready. I can easily recommend ProtoTech for your software development. They are professional, personable, and knowledgeable and you can tell they want to do a great job.

-Dave, Owner

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