Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful 3D applications. Their flagship product is the powerful 3D graphics engine called HOOPS.




To develop an Importer and Exporter for converting the Autodesk DWF format into HOOPS Graphics system. The client required full application support for both 2D and 3D DWF file formats.


  • The technical team of our client was in the midst of a crucial update. 
  • Coping with the different needs of the core product had placed a great deal of pressure on the team. The DWF technology was very new for the team
  • So the in-house development team needed dedicated resources and more time; however, diverting resources could easily jeopardise further development efforts. 
  • The ProtoTech team was asked to come in and quickly learn new technologies and produce the product on time. Our team was given the challenge of designing and development end to end.
Visualization 3d cad model of sectional of camera lens, fixed focal length lens. 3D rendering


Our team achieved a very high degree of accuracy of data conversion. The solution developed by us cleared all the QA benchmarks and the client was able to quickly and seamlessly integrate the new module into their main product


  • The client was able to successfully demonstrate the feature to its key customers in a timely manner thereby building trust that they could deliver additional features within strict deadlines while still maintaining their core product development.
  • The client was able to keep its staff focused on the core product development and successfully reach the planned release date while also introducing the additional features needed by its clients.

Our relationship with ProtoTech has been highly beneficial to many ISV’s using TS3D components. By providing high-value development services to complement our rich components, the team at ProtoTech helps engineering ISV’s build better software, faster. Based on our experience we would recommend them highly as a services partner for any engineering software project.

Ron Fritz, CEO Tech Soft 3D

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