Transmagic is primarily a CAD translator that can open, view, and query any major 3D CAD format in the world. TransMagic also provides dimensioning tools that allow users to add dimensions to vertices, edges, and faces whether they are linear, arcs, planes or cylindrical.

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We have implemented below three types of dimensions depending on the current selection. Edit and move functionality is also supported for inserted dimensions.

  • Linear Dimensions
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Radial Dimensions


Implementing the Linear dimension for two arc entities selection.


We provided an interface to the user to make the decision about which dimension he wants to display:

        Dimension between:

      • Tangents of two arcs.
      • Centers of two arcs.
      • Tangent of one arc and center of another one.

Linear Dimensions:

Linear dimension gets inserted in case of below selection.

Fig.1 shows all types of linear dimensions.

  • Single linear edge selection.
  • Selecting two vertices.
  • Selecting two parallel linear edges.
  • Selecting a linear edge and a vertex
  • Selecting a planer face and a vertex.
  • Selecting two curves/ non-linear edges(Fig.2).
  • Selecting a curve and a linear edge(Fig.3).
  • Selecting a curve and a planer face(Fig.4).

Fig 1: Linear Dimensions

 Fig. 2: Linear Dimension on selecting two curves

(User is prompted for whether he want to display dimension between the center of two arcs or tangent of two arcs or tangent on one arc and center of another arc etc.)

Fig.3: Linear Dimension on selecting an arc and a linear edge or planar face

(user is prompted for whether he wants to display dimension from center or tangent.)

Angular Dimensions:

Angular Dimension gets inserted in the case of the below selection. Fig. 4 shows all types of angular dimensions.

  • Selecting two non-parallel linear edges.
  • Selecting two non-parallel planar faces.
  • Selecting a linear edge and a planer face that is not on the same plane.

Fig 4: Angular Dimensions

Fig. 5: Radial Dimensions

Radial Dimensions:

Radial dimensions get inserted in the case of below selections.

Fig. 5 shows Radial dimensions.

  • Single arc/nonlinear edge selection.
  • Selecting a circular or cylindrical face

Language: C++


  • This tool makes dimensioning very intuitive and fast.
  • Dynamic means that the tool automatically selects the appropriate type of dimension to use for the selected geometry.

Thank you for doing such a great job – we’re very excited about this new product and our Prototech team. We’ve got a winner here.

–Craig Dennis, CTO / TransMagic Inc.

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