FAQs on Onshape

FAQs on Onshape

What is OnShape?
Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on the design team work simultaneously using a web browser, phone or tablet.

What are the benefits of Onshape?
1. No Installation required. Open your browser, login and go for it
2. Work from anywhere, anyplace, anytime and any device. Your data, work remains in sync
3. Instantly share documents – just like you do on Google Docs. No emails, no copies
4. No hefty license fees. Pay as you go
5. Data is secured and safe. No need to worry about backing up
6. All that and still full-featured CAD application. No compromise just because it’s on cloud

I want to use Onshape, where do I start?
You can sign up for free at https://www.onshape.com/prototech, there is a free plan which offers full CAD functionality.

What is Onshape App Store?
Onshape is to CAD users what Apple is to phone users. Onshape App Store is a marketplace on the lines of Apple’s iTunes App Store. It gives the users add-on functionality from simulation to rendering to import/export and many more.

How do Onshape App Store works?

As a CAD engineer:
1. Free yourself from costly, machine dependent installed CAD app.
2. Collaborate with anyone on your design.

As an Engineering Software Vendor:
1. You can get access to hundreds and thousands of CAD users as your potential customers by making your software available on Onshape App Store.
2. Cut the development time and investment by leveraging Onshape (REST) API framework.
3. Make your product affordable by offering different pricing models viz. subscription, pay per use, one time etc.

How can ProtoTech help?
ProtoTech is one of the early technology partners of Onshape and has released 3D PDF Exporter app for Onshape. This app allows the user of Onshape to export 3d PDF document (.pdf) file for the Onshape part and share it with email. You can find more details about this Onshape app.

ProtoTech has a team of expert Onshape API developers who can quickly create an Onshape app from your current application or an idea. These Onshape apps can be developed in as less time like a month or 6 months on the higher end depending upon the complexity.

From our experience so far, we think porting your app on Onshape can take anywhere between a month to six months depending upon the complexity.

Author: Shilpa Bhartiya.
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