Mobile Game Testing: Easy to sound but hard to Do!

Mobile Game Testing: Easy to sound but hard to Do!

Gaming Industry is a big boom in every country with immense emerging high-end mobile devices and consoles. The success of the game majorly depends upon the quality and performance on different platforms and OS. So to maintain the quality and performance up to the mark, Game testing comes to the picture in which testers have to test the game from all the corners.

The game is played on a variety of platforms such as PC, mobile, Console, AR/VR and from that mobile gaming emerged as a legend. So, to maintain a healthy business with competitive market testing is a must.

A popular and top-rated game always aim to exceed the player’s expectation. To achieve the goal a superior game testing is required. So to test game from all the corners its performance, privacy, security is maintained.

Testing Gear Feature on Mobile :

Testing Gear Feature on Mobile :

Testing gear is a time-consuming and very difficult task as gear plays a very important role in the game. To check every gear is working correctly is a tough challenge for the organization. If some gears do not work then there will be a big disappointment from the players.

Testing Mobile Multiplayer Feature :

Testing Mobile Multiplayer Feature :

Nowadays the Multiplayer game is trending and most demanding. Everyone wants to play a game with their friends in a group and with multiple opponents. As it looks so interesting while playing but it is as difficult for the tester to test as they have to create the same scenario with the same number of users that is really a tough job. Also, this is challenging as players are from different countries.

Testing across Multi-Platform :

Testing across Multi-PlatformTesting a game across different platform looks very interesting from outside but it’s very painful and difficult from inside as a tester. From the past decade, a lot of consoles have introduced in the market with different hardware configuration. So, testers have to test each and every game 100 times on different console. For mobile, it has to be tested on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android with a different version coming in the market. Also, they have to be tested on mobiles with different brands. The most difficult part is to test VR device as to test tester have to wear it for a long period of time so that the game on all the platform should be bug-free.

Login and Integrating with social media :

Login and Integrating with social media

Nowadays all age group people are socially connected to different people in the globe. The people from the age group 14 to 30 are using social networking apps on mobile daily. so by integrating games with social networking makes easier for players to Login and play multiplayer games with friends and family across the globe. They can easily post their status after winning games on social networking app through games.

Performance and Graphics Testing :

Performance and Graphics Testing

The game can only be released only after testing the game performance. Game graphics can make or break the game. The user first notices the visual aspect of the game and if does not attract then it’s a big failure. The challenge here is to check the performance of the game across the different device, hardware, software, and platforms. In real scenario 1000 of users play a game at a time and if there is any glitch or rendering issue the game will be a failure and the whole audience will divert to the different game. So, Graphics and Testing is utmost important.

Support with low-end mobile devices :

Support with low-end mobile devicesAs the world is moving at a very high pace with fast-growing technology like smartphones, 4g/5g. But still, there are many people who don’t have high-speed internet and new high-end devices. They are still struggling with devices and 2g network. So, the gaming company also have to think about them as a customer, so that they can also play the game at low graphics and poor network condition. Then the tester has to test the game also on low-end devices so that there will be no lag and glitch and the user can play the game with full satisfaction.

Maximum Server Test :

Support with low-end mobile devices

Performance is the key criteria for making the players happy. While testing a game, a tester has to test game above or equal to maximum server load so that system performance should not reduce after max load and no crash is observed. Nowadays 1000 of users play games simultaneously on different servers so to have them smooth experience the game server on which players are playing should not crash.

Mobile Localization Test :

Mobile Localization Test

Localization test is very important if the gaming company wants to release games in different countries then releasing in their language makes a customer for them. Tester checks the game with multiple languages as it is visible in set language. The tester should have the knowledge of different languages so that no bug should be there in the game. They have to verify on every mobile device that language support is there so that they can capture the global audience.

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