Top 3 New Additions in Autodesk Forma 2023: Exploring the Exciting Features

Top 3 New Additions in Autodesk Forma 2023: Exploring the Exciting Features

Top 3 New Additions in Autodesk Forma 2023

What is Autodesk Forma?

 In 2023, Autodesk proudly introduced Autodesk Forma (formerly Spacemaker), a groundbreaking suite of capabilities within the industry cloud for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Representing a pivotal advancement, this inaugural release extends the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process to the crucial early stages of planning and design. Leverage conceptual design features, predictive analytics, and automation to establish robust and sustainable foundations for your projects.

Autodesk Forma encompasses a spectrum of conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automation features that collectively empower planning and design teams. This sophisticated toolkit is meticulously crafted to facilitate the creation of robust foundations for projects. By seamlessly integrating innovative functionalities, Autodesk Forma aims to elevate the efficiency and precision of the planning and design phases, thereby setting a new standard in project development within the AEC sector.

  • Efficiencies with intuitive project setup, design automation, and fluid connectivity with Revit
  • Use data-driven insights in real-time to make fast, smart design decisions that reduce risk and improve business and sustainability outcomes
  • Improve collaboration and secure buy-in by using data and visuals to tell a compelling design story that can help you win more bids


  • Automatic datasets
  • Smart design tools
  • Parking design
  • Powered by cloud computing
  • Import and export
  • Free viewer access

What’s new in Autodesk Forma 2023? In this blog post, we explore the top 3 new analyses, features, and innovative perspectives on the latest updates in Autodesk Forma within the realm of AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations).

What’s New in Autodesk Forma 2023 – Top 3 Updates

1. The Solar Energy Analysis Beta

The Solar Energy Analysis Beta 
Images Source: Autodesk

Incorporated seamlessly into your massing model within Forma, the Solar Energy Analysis dynamically adapts to any geometry introduced in the project. It meticulously considers the impact of the surrounding model context, including terrain, vegetation, buildings, and climate, offering real-time insights into the annual solar energy potential. This analysis precisely quantifies the potential in terms of kilowatts per square meter or square foot.

Built upon this foundation, design teams have the flexibility to examine various possibilities and evaluate the most strategic locations for incorporating solar panels into the roof and/or facade, optimizing energy yield. These valuable insights can further be leveraged to refine the positioning, orientation, and overall form of a building to maximize solar exposure. This robust tool not only aids architects in minimizing a project’s carbon footprint but also eases the challenges confronted by other stakeholders grappling with the global energy crisis.

2. The Detailed Noise Analysis Beta

The Detailed Noise Analysis Beta
Image Source: Autodesk

Conduct an in-depth noise analysis within Forma to gain actionable insights into ground, facades, and roof noise, complete with a statistical breakdown. Visual comparisons facilitate the evaluation of various options and their respective consequences. For instance, the comprehensive noise analysis provides results considering factors like traffic presence or absence in intersecting streets, aiding in informed decision-making.

The noise calculations in Forma analysis are in accordance with the Common NOise aSSessment methOdS in Europe (CNOSSOS-EU) developed by the European Commission.

3. The Revit extension

The Revit extension
Image Source : Autodesk

Autodesk has developed an in-house extension enabling seamless two-way synchronization between Forma and Revit. Initiate your project in Forma with contextual data and preliminary massing studies supported by analysis. When the moment is opportune, effortlessly transfer it to Revit, converting your Forma project into BIM (Building Information Modeling) elements to commence the documentation process.

Autodesk Forma Add-In for Revit, Beta - Key Features

Autodesk Forma Add-In for Revit
Image Source : Autodesk

Forma’s impressive feature enhances conceptual proposals, allowing seamless scaling. The updated Forma Add-in for Revit transforms proposals into Revit projects, and updates can be effortlessly sent back to Forma for additional analysis and validation.

Key Features:

The add-in provides two different directions of data synchronization:

  • Forma to Revit Transfer: Initiate the transfer of a Forma proposal to Revit using the “Send to Revit” function. Subsequently, you can import the geometric content of a proposal from Forma into a Revit project. It’s essential to note that a Forma proposal can be sent to Revit only once; any subsequent modifications in Forma won’t automatically update in Revit unless a new Revit project is initiated.
  • Revit to Forma Updates: ‘Update a proposal’ in Forma with content edited in Revit, refining your design iteratively. The flexibility allows for multiple updates to a Forma proposal.


Download the Forma Add-In for Revit from the Autodesk Store, open the Extensions menu on the sidebar, and download the Revit add-in. Follow the prompts, and you are on your way.

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